News | November 5, 2012

Intelligent InSites Supports Ultra Wide Band Technology From PLUS Location Systems

Enterprise healthcare software platform from Intelligent InSites integrates with the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Real-Time Location System Technology (RTLS) from PLUS Location Systems

Intelligent InSites Inc., the leading provider of enterprise real-time location systems (RTLS) software helping healthcare organizations optimize operations by transforming automatically-collected data into actionable intelligence and real-time operational insights—enabling them to reduce costs, deliver better care, and improve patient satisfaction—has announced that the Intelligent InSites software platform integrates with the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Real-Time Location Technology (RTLS) from PLUS Location Systems (PLUS).

“The ability of the Intelligent InSites solution to automatically gather and intelligently process real-time location data from a variety of locating technologies, including active RFID, infrared/RF, passive RFID, ultrasound, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and now UWB, is unique in the RTLS space,” said Ralf Mehnert-Meland, Director of Developer/OEM Relationships at Intelligent InSites. “By continuously adding support for a multitude of data sources, we can truly support our healthcare clients in selecting the best RTLS technologies for their particular needs.”

“We are very pleased to combine our innovative Ultra Wideband RTLS technology with Intelligent InSites’ RTLS software platform—enabling healthcare organizations to collect real evidence to assess patient experience, delivery of care, asset management, and more,” said Paul Smelser, President of PLUS Location Systems. “The PLUS RTLS provides down-to-the-second location information on people and assets that is accurate within inches. And unlike other location technologies that might be limited to simply room or zone detection, PLUS can continuously track thousands of tags throughout a facility.”

The Intelligent InSites software platform—which collects and processes data, in real-time, from healthcare IT systems, nurse call systems, communications platforms, building management systems, electronic health records, and wireless sensory networks, including multiple RFID and RTLS hardware technologies—empowers multiple healthcare operations applications, including asset management, patient flow, bed management, environmental monitoring, surgical instrument tracking, rentals management, and consumable asset management, with real-time, actionable information. This ability to leverage real-time information across the enterprise enables healthcare organizations to improve operations and care delivery processes, resulting in more affordable care and improved patient satisfaction.

Healthcare providers can learn more about Intelligent InSites’ integration with PLUS Location Systems at the upcoming InSites Build 2012 industry conference this November 14-15 in Fargo, ND. For more information, visit

About PLUS Location Systems
PLUS Location Systems is a leading global provider of Real Time Location System (RTLS) products and services. PLUS solves real problems for the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and other industries via patented ultra wideband technology.  PLUS empowers organizations with real business intelligence and genuine actionable insights based on the real time location and movement of people and assets.  Our latest innovation, the PLUS Access Portal, provides the industry’s first completely reliable and automated solution to track people moving through doorways and identify their direction of travel. For more information, visit

About Intelligent InSites
Intelligent InSites helps healthcare organizations improve care and reduce costs by transforming automatically-collected data into actionable insights at the point of care. Through its interoperable, hardware-neutral, healthcare real-time location system (RTLS) software platform, Intelligent InSites gathers data from real-time location, condition sensing, and healthcare IT systems; then delivers meaningful information to the right person, at the right time, on the right device. Intelligent InSites’ customers gain enterprise-wide visibility and are able to impact continuous process improvements, resulting in remarkable financial and quality of care outcomes. For more information, visit

Source: Intelligent InSites Inc.