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Improving Healthcare Data Management

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Healthcare Data

Beyond Silos: Meeting the Data Management Challenge

A big part of routine daily healthcare management operations is managing huge volumes of data—and it's becoming increasingly more of a challenge. EMC estimates the amount of stored healthcare data nearly doubles every two years. The amount of data managed will continue to grow as healthcare organizations add new equipment and incorporate data-intensive, next-generation diagnostic tools.

Healthcare data is typically housed on "siloed" systems based on department usage or specific functions. This siloing creates complexity; each storage system must be managed separately, reducing storage utilization efficiency and making data more difficult to search, share, and analyze.

EMC® Isilon® scale-out NAS storage simplifies healthcare data management. EMC Isilon provides a single file system that manages data as a single pool of storage, while maintaining the performance required of each use case. A single file system reduces management complexity and increases storage utilization rates.

EMC Isilon solutions work with many healthcare ISV applications, and easily scales at the push of a button to meet growing storage needs. Isilon also serves as a foundation for a scale-out data lake, making data analytics-ready in place.