News Feature | June 14, 2016

2016 IDC Innovators Report Highlights Virtual Care Solution Pioneers

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Digital Doctor

Carena, Doctor on Demand, TruClinic, and Zipnosis are among those recognized.

Carena, Doctor on Demand, TruClinic, and Zipnosis were among the companies recognized as IDC Innovators in the U.S. virtual care solutions market for 2016. IDC Innovators: U.S. Virtual Care Solutions, 2016 (Doc #US41117616) recognizes pioneering players in the U.S. virtual care solutions market. IDC Innovators are companies with under $50 million in revenue that offer an inventive technology and/or groundbreaking new business model.

“The IDC Innovators profiled in this report make it possible to maximize clinician resources, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the patient experience through convenient access to care,” said Lynne Dunbrack, research vice president, IDC Health Insights. “The offerings range from a technology platform that enables healthcare organizations to use their own clinicians to provide virtual care to a combined end-to-end technology platform and a telehealth physician practice to completely outsource virtual care.”

Carena builds and operates virtual clinics, providing an end-to-end virtual care solution that includes a technology platform and clinicians employed by Carena Medical Group. Doctor on Demand provides a unique business model when working with employers and health plans with its pricing based on video visit volume with growth coming from a focus on providing a "5-star" experience.

TruClinic supports a variety of telehealth models such as hub and spoke (site-to-site), facility-to-field (e.g., EMTs, visiting nurses), and clinician-to-patient (direct to consumer and fee for service). Zipnosis provides a technology platform to create four successive access points for patients to receive care either online or in person and to improve the clinical workflow to make providers more efficient.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as an IDC Innovator in the virtual care market,” said Jon Pearce, CEO and Founder of Zipnosis. “The recognition is especially appreciated because Zipnosis is not a traditional telemedicine provider — we sell a virtual care platform to health systems who brand it for their patients, use their own clinicians, and leverage our integration with electronic health records. We've stripped out the clinical overhead for physicians and made it easy for them to conduct a virtual visit in two minutes with no typing. Not only is it fast and convenient for patients and clinicians, but diagnosis and treatment is highly adherent with clinical guidelines and best practices.”