News Feature | January 4, 2016

Idaho Health Data Exchange Launches Clinical Portal

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Self-Service Field Service Portals

Portal provides single unified view of patient data via easy-to-use web-based portal.

The Idaho Health Data Exchange (IDHE) has announced the launch of its Orion Health Clinical Portal that provides a single, unified view of patient data across and between healthcare organizations via a web-based portal accessible anywhere, anytime. The portal includes ease of use and configurability to enable improved clerical and clinical workflow for clinicians in Idaho and the region to quickly and easily connect, coordinate, and collaborate on their patients’ care.

IHDE enables authorized and participating healthcare providers to securely access and exchange critical patient information electronically from hospitals, providers, labs, and radiology centers to other health care providers in real-time. IHDE has successfully connected several hospitals, labs and providers, and more than 1,800 participating users to the state/regional exchange, and is actively working to connect additional hospitals, physician practices and all other health care stakeholders across Idaho.

“With enhanced functionality, the Clinical Portal is able to meet the emerging needs of the state and regional healthcare communities to help streamline their workflow with improved access to patient data”, said Scott Carrell, Executive Director, Idaho Health Data Exchange.

“Given the complexity and customized nature of most integration environments, there can be no automatic or generic migration between interface engines,” explained Jason Carmichael, CEO, Galen Healthcare Solutions. “Idaho Health Data Exchange needed interface analysts with a proven track record, extensive expertise and a confirmed methodology to facilitate the migration to Orion Health’s Rhapsody engine. Working under the guidance of IHDE’s integration team, Galen designed, developed, tested, and migrated historical interfaces that could properly manage exchanges between multiple participants from several EHR vendors. This included various result messages such as laboratory, transcription, and radiology results.”

The features of the IHDE Clinical Portal include a single log-on to access clinical data and images across systems; easy toggling between records, customizable worklists to categorize patients, available notification subscription, secure transmission of clinical messages and results between Clinical Portal users, ability to send labs, radiology and transcription reports to EMR, and quick generation of Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs).

“The Orion Health Healthier Populations solution connects thousands of health systems, hospitals, and providers across the U.S. allowing all parties to securely share patient records and improve overall care coordination,” said Kent Montgomery, Chief Client Advocate, Orion Health. “Healthcare professionals across Idaho will soon realize these same benefits as they gain access to a richer longitudinal patient record which will support decision making and enhance the patient experience at the point of care. We look forward to continuing to support the IHDE with technology that enables the organization’s mission of improving care coordination and quality across the state.”