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How To Get Paid For Meaningful Use: 7 Tips From The EHR Trenches

Source: athenahealth, Inc

In this white paper, athenahealth provides tips to make sure your practice will receive its incentive payment for implementing a system compliant with Stage 1 Meaningful Use (MU). Practices must go live by October 3rd, 2012 in order to receive the full Stage 1 MU incentive payment. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had reported that only 27% of registered providers had attested and qualified for Medicare payments, indicating the level of difficulty in achieving Stage 1 certification.

At the time the report from CMS came out in December 2011, 81% of athenahealth clients had attested and received, or were awaiting, their payments and 13% were just two measures short of attesting. Based on their experience with clients and tracking performance across their cloud-based network athenahealth says your vendor should:

  1. Have “skin in the game” by guaranteeing Stage 1 Medicare MU incentive payments for eligible providers who follow their guidance;
  2. Provide free training and support on how to fulfill the MU measures and monitor results;
  3. Update your software continuously to include new measures and workflow changes at no extra cost to you;
  4. Provide free, real-time reporting to help track and assess provider performance against measures;
  5. Build all 44 MU clinical quality measures into a workflow where they can be captured more easily;
  6. Provide the required interfaces for free and without interruption; and
  7. Provide free attestation support and guidance when it comes time to attest.

Download this white paper below for more information.

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