White Paper

How Remote Patient Monitoring Eases The Transition To Pay-For-Performance

Source: Sprint
Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote health monitoring holds great promise and merits increased attention from today’s North American healthcare sector.

Remote health monitoring solutions combine specialized hardware and software to collect various biometric data from an individual. Whether for patients suffering from a chronic illness or recovering from a hospital stay, consumers who want to actively manage their personal fitness, or families wishing to keep track of a loved one with some level of physical impairment, the selection of remote monitoring solutions continues to expand at a rapid rate.

A number of factors are driving this increase in interest and options, including federal legislation. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program reduces payments made to hospitals with excessive readmissions.(1) As a result of this new pay-for-performance stance, remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices are being viewed as an effective early warning system, identifying problems or issues early enough to prevent the need for readmission.

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