News | December 11, 2018

hGraph Engages Doctors And Patients Visualizing Healthcare Data In Citizen Health's Humantiv Software

Arlington, MA (PRWEB) - GoInvo, a digital health design firm headquartered in Arlington, Massachusetts, today announced a new software implementation for hGraph, the open source visualization application designed by the studio. hGraph is an open source tool that has been adopted by top healthcare organizations — from Fortune 50 retail pharmacies to cutting edge EHRs to next generation health clinics — and most recently, Citizen Health (, a public benefit company on a mission to build a better healthcare system.

In today's information rich world, in order for patients and healthcare providers to make actionable decisions, they need analytic tools that both collect data and make sense of it. hGraph displays a considerable amount of health information in a deceptively simple fashion and small space. Through its shape and use of color, hGraph helps physicians to swiftly spot problem areas while retaining context of rest of the patient’s health.

Citizen Health’s project Humantiv is an operating system for health optimization and care coordination using data from EHRs, omic analysis, wearables, and diagnostic devices. “hGraph plays a vital role in the development of Humantiv by empowering patients and physicians to interpret vast amounts of health data in one view,” said Brennen Hodge, Founder of Citizen Health. “Physicians can visualize trends and spot patterns with this new interface, while patients can easily understand what needs to be improved. It's like a breath of fresh air compared to traditional EHRs.”

“Open source solutions are critical to transforming healthcare. Projects like hGraph encourage adoption by businesses because they’re ready to use and proven to enable patient education and engagement,” said Juhan Sonin, director of GoInvo.

GoInvo’s open source healthcare design and research has been featured in publications such as WIRED, NPR, and Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare Magazine. These include a ground-breaking, comprehensive visualization of the Determinants of Health ( and the Open Source Healthcare Journal (, a magazine advocating innovative open source solutions in health.

People interested in learning more about hGraph can find the open source design on the project’s Web site (, and access the code repository at GitHub ( Healthcare software companies who wish to partner directly with the team at GoInvo to operationalize hGraph in their own initiatives may e-mail info (at) goinvo (dot) com.

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