News | January 21, 2014

Healthstat Pioneers Patient Engagement EHR For Workplace Clinics

Healthstat Pioneers Patient Engagement EHR for Workplace Clinics

In its ongoing quest to propel population health to the highest level possible, Healthstat, the country’s most innovative onsite health promotion program, will implement a new, more efficacious electronic health records (EHR) system across its more than 350 sites in the first quarter of 2014. The new system — eClinicalWorks — will appreciably enhance population health engagement, patient messaging and clinical reporting while tightly aligning clinician incentives to patient health promotion and behavioral change.

“Healthstat’s success comes from patient engagement and changing poor health behaviors into positive ones,” explained Healthstat CEO Crockett Dale. “eClinicalWorks shares our philosophy and its software supports our unique business model unlike any other EHR system on the market.”

eClinicalWorks is a completely unified care EHR and practice management suite that automates the entire workflow from when a patient arrives at the onsite clinic to when they leave. The system is capable of analyzing patient health data in nearly every conceivable manner, allowing Healthstat to provide its employer clients with custom reports and predictive models suited uniquely to their employee population and productivity needs. This allows Healthstat to more accurately measure goals set for company healthcare costs, productivity, and patient health promotion and wellness. Additionally, this higher degree of accountability better incents clinical staff to keep patients engaged in their personal health and to increase the clinician’s proficiency to help patients change poor health behaviors.

eClinicalWorks allows single click access to a patient’s records and provides mobile support and integration of electronic messaging with lab reports, reminders and patient referrals. It is also an electronic provider-to-provider system, allowing any clinical provider — regardless of the EHR system they use — to access a patient’s medical records and share patient information among every provider a patient authorizes. The new system also includes a fully functional patient portal that allows patients to securely log in, access their records, obtain lab reports, schedule appointments and view and pay bills online. The portal is also available via smart phones and tablets and has text messaging functionality for appointment reminders and other notifications.

Healthstat has been testing and refining the system for the past three months. Healthstat clinical staff, IT support, client services staff and administrators are preparing for its pilot run in February. Upon successful testing, Healthstat will begin using eClinicalWorks with all new employer clients and to ensure a seamless transition, will gradually integrate the platform into existing customer programs throughout 2014.

“eClinicalWorks has proven to be intuitive, easy to use and easy to learn,” said Healthstat VP of Clinical Innovation Tucker McKay. “We are confident our employer clients will recognize its value immediately, that providers will be better equipped, and that patients will appreciate the added attention and convenience it delivers to their overall health and wellness program.”

“Partnering with Healthstat is a significant milestone for eClinicalWorks,” said eClinicalWorks CEO and Co-founder Girish Kumar Navani. “The philosophy our two companies share in total patient population engagement aligns us culturally and, together, gives us the opportunity to bring an innovative solution to employers throughout the United States.”

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