News | December 5, 2019

HealthSnap Launches New Remote Patient Monitoring Functionality To Empower Providers To More Easily Engage With Patients And Digital Health Platforms

Enhanced Lifestyle Data Analytics platform enables healthcare providers to collect, aggregate, and analyze patient health data and easily track eligibility for new value-based reimbursement programs

Miami, FL /PRNewswire/ - HealthSnap, a leading digital and lifestyle health platform, today announced the launch of its new Lifestyle Data Analytics platform that uses remote patient monitoring functionality to allow healthcare providers to more easily connect with patients, access data from the devices and applications that their patients already use, and track patient eligibility for three new CPT reimbursement codes for remote patient monitoring. As the healthcare industry continues to shift from a delivery model centered around acute care to one built on prevention-based approaches for chronic condition management, HealthSnap's remote patient monitoring technology is designed to allow healthcare providers to easily collect, aggregate, and analyze remotely generated patient data to deliver the impactful, preventive care that their patients demand.

"As consumers adopt a variety of new health technologies, from wearables and applications to doctor-prescribed medical devices, there is tremendous potential for healthcare providers to leverage patient-generated data to expand how they provide care," said Yenvy Truong, HealthSnap's Co-Founder and CEO. "Care continues to shift to value-based models of reimbursement and our hospital and health system clients now have a new digital health solution for remote patient monitoring, messaging, and coaching to optimize chronic condition management while also enhancing overall patient engagement."

With the addition of remote patient monitoring to their Lifestyle Data Analytics platform, HealthSnap can now leverage a disparate variety of data sources, from applications and wearable devices to self-reported questionnaires and medical devices, all of which are translated into an easy to understand and actionable Lifestyle Profile™. HealthSnap's platform includes an integrated suite of products, including a provider portal, patient portal, and analytics platform, all of which are optimized to allow healthcare organizations of all sizes to better manage and prevent chronic conditions, maximize patient engagement between visits, and reduce costly readmissions.

"Consumer digital health technologies continue to emerge, and we have been challenged with proactively engaging with patients through these new platforms to demonstrate how their lifestyles directly impact their medical conditions," said Dr. Cate Collings Medical Director and President-Elect ACLM, of El Camino Health, based in Mountain View, CA. "Leveraging HealthSnap's solution has given our patients unique real-time insights about their health and enabled our providers to promote tailored healthy clinical changes, which has proven to be a powerful solution in terms of motivating and maintaining positive behavior change."

HealthSnap's approach to patient engagement, centered around its new digital health and analytics platform, will also enable healthcare providers, patients, and wellness companies to switch from a reactive posture to a proactive one; focusing on preventive medicine instead of simply treating patients once their lifestyles lead to chronic conditions. To learn more about HealthSnap's Lifestyle Data Analytics platform and new remote patient monitoring capabilities, visit:

About HealthSnap
HealthSnap is a Lifestyle Data Analytics platform that uses consumer-generated data to create a Lifestyle Profile™ that gives patients and providers an insightful, actionable summary of an individual's overall lifestyle health. By taking the extra step to make sense of data from wearables, remote sensors, and patient questionnaires, HealthSnap empowers individuals and clinicians with the tools and knowledge to prevent and reverse debilitating and expensive lifestyle-related chronic disease.

Source: HealthSnap, Inc.

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