Health IT & The Physicians Practice

Family practitioners and specialists will serve a vital role in the healthcare reform era, and technology can go a long way to making them more effective. However, for private practices, many IT investments may seem confusing or out of reach. This special editorial compilation features a collection of articles that highlight the successful health IT implementation strategies of several physicians practices throughout the United States.

Editorial Opinion
Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT OutcomesPhysicians: Health IT Success Depends On You
Editor In Chief Ken Congdon discusses the impact health IT has on physicians and the role doctors play in the success of technology initiatives.

Case Studies

Free EHR Proves Effective For Solo Practitioner

An independent physician finds the EHR functionality she needs in a free platform.

Reduce AR Days With Web-Based Billing Software

New billing software helped Adventist Health Medical Group cut nearly 30 days from its AR cycle.

Physician Group Takes Charge Of Its HIE Destiny

North Texas Specialty Physicians built its own HIE and is reaping benefits.

Document Management Provides Six-Figure Savings

Morton Plant Mease Primary Care saves more than $140,000 annually with an electronic document archive.


The Reality Of EHR Use In The Physicians Practice

Government incentives are motivating physicians practices to purchase EHRs, but it’s clear that EHR use varies widely from practice to practice, as does the value each office gets from the technology.


The Keys To Successful Collections

By implementing a new medical claims clearinghouse, Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates’ past-due claims outperform MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) standards.

Performance Analytics Enhance Core Measures

The Mankato Clinic’s new Web-based performance analytics tool helps funnel what would be an overwhelming amount of clinical data into a streamlined package that helps to identify core measures.

Meaningful Use Does Matter To Radiologists

Many radiologists believe Meaningful Use (MU) requirements don’t apply to them, but RMI (Regional Medical Imaging) is proving that MU will be instrumental in moving the radiology industry forward.

Telehealth Benefits The Patient And The Practitioner

Telehealth enables convenient access to a wide range of health services, in turn helping to provide timely diagnosis and treatment.