White Paper

Getting Right With The Joint Commission: Improve Patient Safety By Ramping Up Emergency Communications

Source: Amcom Software

This white paper from Amcom Software provides information about the Join Commission standards in regard to communications technology. It provides a case for improved communications, strategies for crisis communications plans, an emergency preparedness checklist, and technology solutions for automated event notification and response. It notes that significant portions of many recent disasters can be traced back to a lack of communication, with healthcare centers failing to have the proper emergency contact plans in place and staff failing to respond in a timely manner.

This paper also takes an in-depth look at two way communication systems that offer the ability to contact staff members all at once, but with targeted, intelligent messaging across multiple devices. With these systems, messages can be tailored based on the person being contacted, meaning the right messages will be delivered to the right people.

Here is a sample of some notes highlighting the major points of this paper:

  • The Joint Commission requires healthcare providers to have an emergency communications plan.
  • An important part of every communications plan is employee notification and response.
  • The Joint Commission’s “environment of care” chapter deals greatly with effective communications strategies and their importance in disaster mitigation.

To read more about The Joint Commission and the standards it has set regarding communications technology, download this white paper now.