News | March 4, 2013

Get Real Health Excited To Be An Integral Part Of Tribridge Care Coordination

Get Real Health Excited to be an Integral Part of Tribridge Care Coordination

The healthcare industry’s efforts to better manage patient populations in order to reduce readmissions for major chronic conditions took a big leap forward with Tribridge’s decision to integrate Get Real Health’s InstantPHR as the comprehensive patient engagement platform for its Tribridge Care Coordination solution.

Tribridge, a national IT services and business consulting firm with a dedicated healthcare practice, has a long history of developing solutions that support chronic disease management. The firm’s Care Coordination system is a powerful tool that provides a unified view of disparate clinical information systems in order to feed, track and mine the critical data stored into applications that Care Management Teams can use to help coordinate the care that occurs outside of the healthcare facility.

The integration of Get Real Health’s InstantPHR platform serves as an example of Tribridge’s commitment to helping health organizations solve the coordinated care challenge by successfully engaging and empowering patients. Get Real Health’s InstantPHR platform leverages the security and privacy standards of Microsoft HealthVault, a free Web-based platform that enables consumers to collect, store and share their health information. (Learn more about Microsoft HealthVault online at

“Tribridge Care Coordination has always been a powerful, intuitive data aggregation and care plan development platform for providers. We are thrilled that Tribridge’s customers and patients now have the ability to use our InstantPHR platform and the tools and resources it includes,” said Get Real Health President and Founding Partner Robin Wiener. “Our partnership gives patients the ability to demonstrate positive health behaviors. Partnerships like this really expand the market.”

InstantPHR is an award-winning platform with powerful Web and mobile applications. InstantPHR engages patients in their own care by giving them tools and information to help them easily monitor their ongoing condition(s) at home, share health details with family members and providers, receive personalized care plans, health education materials and test results, as well as communicate with their entire care team.

InstantPHR isn’t just about sharing data, but empowering true action and collaboration. Patients using the InstantPHR-integrated Care Coordination system will also have access to unique and customizable health journals that encourage them to track symptoms and behaviors that affect their health and report that data back to the care team so proactive and timely interventions can be made as necessary.

“Get Real Health has a proven track record of engaging and empowering patients in their care,” said Damon Auer, vice president of the Healthcare Practice at Tribridge. “Their patient engagement tools are a natural fit to extend the Tribridge Care Coordination solution from the care manager’s desktop, facilitating true collaboration between the care manager and patient.”

Tribridge Care Coordination with InstantPHR is now available to the market and will be demonstrated at Health Information Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) Annual Meeting, held in New Orleans, March 4–7, 2013.

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Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, Get Real Health is an award-winning global health information technology pioneer specializing in patient engagement and connected care solutions.  Get Real Health’s flagship product - InstantPHR - is an electronic toolbox for creating and customizing personal health applications. In addition to the InstantPHR platform, Get Real Health offers turn-key solutions and custom services for a wide range of healthcare organizations.  Get Real  Health has a diver se global customer base and strategic partnerships with industry leaders including Microsoft, Caradigm, and TELUS Health Solutions. For more information, visit

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