News Feature | January 30, 2017

Focus On Engagement, Patient Centricity Leads To Better Outcomes

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

HTO Patient Engagement

HSA Health Plan partners with Wellable in Wellness Incentive Program

PwC’s annual report on top health industry issues predicts 2017 will be a year for partnerships, patient centricity, and value. While the Affordable Care Act is under attack, we are still poised to complete the transition to value-based care and will continue to recognize the centrality of the patient in achieving optimal health outcomes.

It is clear value-based care is here to stay. Health insurers are beginning to realize sound documentation and condition management are ways to improve the bottom line and drive better healthcare outcomes. And there is new focus on the individual with providers taking data-driven approaches improve their service and management of patients’ conditions.

One way to achieve better outcomes is through the use of wellness programs to promote better health among employees and help keep healthcare costs down. Under ACA regulations, wellness programs are divided into several categories including participatory and health-contingent programs. Health-contingent programs can be activity-only or outcome-based reward systems. While the type of program may vary, it is undeniable such incentives can help invest patients in their own healthcare and result in better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

In one example of a wellness incentive program, HSA Health Plan, a provider of Health Savings Account- based health plans, has announced a partnership with wellness technology provider Wellable. Using Wellable’s customizable and configurable platform, HSA Health Plan members can earn $20 a month in their HSA as a reward for taking at least 8,000 steps on 20 or more days of each month.

The program allows members to connect to the most popular apps and devices providing real-time connectivity to their accounts. The HSA Health Plan also provides all members with a Garmin vivoki, which allows everyone to participate, even if they do not have a device or use mobile apps.

“The technology platform is designed to allow health plans to customize and configure their program to the needs of their population and goals of their organization,” says Nick Patel, President of Wellable. “Each organization and population has unique needs so flexibility in the solution at all levels of program design is critical.”

“Member engagement is critical to our success,” explained Dave Hall, CEO of HSA Health Plan. “By providing all members with tools and technologies that make tracking and earning incentives easy, our program encourages members to take an active role in their health and well-being.”