White Paper

Finding The ROI In Clinical IT Systems

Source: Beacon Partners, Inc.

At Beacon Partners our mission is to understand and present open, honest and accurate information about industry challenges related to a host of issues facing healthcare organizations today.

We conducted this particular study in the summer of 2012 to analyze how hospitals and care delivery organizations are using clinical system performance measures as a way to calculate the return-on-investment (ROI) of electronic medical records (EMRs) systems.

Typically, EMR measures drive clinical quality improvement initiatives, or are included in a balanced scorecard. However, there are also opportunities to view these measures in a manner that evaluates the effectiveness of the EMR as a capital asset of the organization.

As part of Beacon Partners’ commitment to thought leadership in the healthcare industry, this research study provides access to the point of view of more than 300 healthcare leaders regarding clinical system performance measures and the resulting ROI.

Looking at the survey data:

Performance measures are in place, but most leaders and clinicians are dissatisfied with efforts to measure ROI.

Survey data revealed that 40% of respondents indicated they are using performance measures, but only 36% are satisfied with the extent to which the data is used to measure the value brought to their organization.