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Fairtility Integrates With Leading Electronic Medical Record Systems In The Reproductive Care Market, Advancing Digitalization Of The IVF Clinic

CHLOE™ Integrates with VRepro, IDEAS from Mellowood Medical, nAble and MedITEX EMR Software Systems to Improve Process and Seamless Flow of Information in IVF Clinics

Tel Aviv /PRNewswire/ - Fairtility, the transparent AI innovator powering reproductive care for improved outcomes, today announced that its AI decision support system, CHLOE™, has been successfully integrated with leading electronic medical record (EMR) platforms used in fertility clinics, including vRepro, IDEAS from Mellowood Medical, nAble IVF and MedITEX.

"Integrating Fairtility's CHLOE with the top EMR platforms enables clinics to seamlessly consolidate and standardize all data from both clinical and operational sources, moving us towards digital transformation of reproductive care," said Eran Eshed, CEO and Co-founder of Fairtility. "These integrations enable information to flow seamlessly, maximizing clinic and lab efficiency and transforming both the patient and clinician experience."

Fairtility's AI-powered software platform, CHLOE, supports reproductive care practitioners as a workflow enhancement and decision support toolset. Integrating CHLOE with EMRs facilitates digitalization of the embryology lab, allowing for live, automatic data capture and processing within interconnected systems. The result is a unified data and insights hub for fertility clinics that continuously captures and interprets data straight from the source. This facilitatesstreamlined and automated clinical workflows to ensure efficient operations within embryology labs. With real time data flowing securely between systems, reproductive care practitioners see all key information to maximize patient care and outcomes.

"The seamless transfer of time-lapse sourced embryology images and annotations via Fairtility [CHLOE] to the IDEAS EMR, combined with broader data sets, facilitates clinical decisions by our clients," explained Mark Marcon, President, Mellowood Medical IDEAS EMR.

Key benefits of CHLOE's integration with the EMR platforms include:

  • Digitalization of the Clinic – Integration of EMRs with CHLOE technology standardizes KPI data inputs and comparisons, enabling clinics to make informed decisions based on accurate and complete verified data, continuously updating directly from the source to improve operational performance.
  • Enhancing Clinical Decision Making – EMR integration with CHLOE ensures completeness and accuracy of live data collection across clinics' networks, bringing consistency and transparency to embryo quality assessment and selection.
  • Reducing Administrative Burden and Optimizing Workflows - Integrating CHLOE into EMR systems reduces administrative burdens on embryologists by enabling seamless communication between systems. This streamlines workflows, resulting in up to 30% reduction in administrative work. As a result, embryologists can manage an average of 50% more cycles, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Improving the Patient Experience - With access to all key information in a unified platform, clinicians are empowered to have transparent dialogue with patients on treatment decisions with the confidence that they have not missed any patient data that could impact care for an enhanced patient experience.

"I believe the IVF lab of the future needs to be a streamlined source of priceless data combining the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation Sequencing (genetics), enabling our staff to consistently make the best clinical choices and personalize each treatment," said Adriano Carbone, Head of Group Biobank & Industry Relations, Country Manager Spain and Portugal for Next Fertility Clinics. "This can only be achieved with full integration of the different systems used in the lab and combined with the clinical data and outcomes via the medical EMR. The present is that our clinical care teams are already reaping the benefits of this integration with streamlined workflows, reduced administrative time, and minimized note work in the IVF lab, enabling our team to be more effective, and serve more patients with greater accuracy and transparency."

About Fairtility
Fairtility™ is advancing reproductive care through the power of transparent AI to help clinicians and their patients on the reproductive care journey. Fairtility believes that transparency is critical when AI intersects with human life. Its flagship software, CHLOE™, is a transparent AI-based decision support tool providing clinicians complete visibility into clinical and laboratory parameters crucial to improving reproductive care outcomes in IVF, fertility preservation and egg donation. Fairtility aims to expand CHLOE™'s application across the entire reproductive care journey, from assessing infertility causes to optimizing embryo transfer. For more information and updates, follow Fairtility on LinkedIn, X and Instagram, or visit

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