News | March 4, 2013

ExtraHop Provides Insurance Policy For Healthcare Applications & IT Infrastructure With IT Operational Intelligence

Growing Number of Healthcare Organizations Rely on ExtraHop to Manage Major IT Initiatives such as Citrix VDI, EHR, and HIPAA

ExtraHop announced recently at the HIMSS13 Annual Conference and Exhibition that its real-time IT operational intelligence platform has been adopted by a growing number of healthcare organizations to ensure that vital technologies like desktop virtualization, picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), and electronic health records (EHR) are deployed and perform optimally. ExtraHop’s agentless, network-based platform provides correlated, cross-tier visibility to identify and solve problems quickly for organizations such as Practice Fusion, MedSolutions, and many more. ExtraHop delivers this deep visibility in a way that is compliant with HIPAA security and privacy standards.

In a 2012 survey of more than 500 IT decision makers, 44 percent of healthcare organizations indicated they plan to increase their adoption of server-hosted virtual desktops (SHVD) in 2013, a higher proportion than all other industries. However, while virtualization is a key healthcare initiative, patient care can suffer from latency or slow login times if organizations use legacy application performance monitoring tools, which cannot correlate issues across tiers.

The ExtraHop platform is verified as Citrix Ready for Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, and Citrix NetScaler and provides essential IT operational intelligence through real-time analysis of the Citrix ICA wire protocol. John Smith, Netscaler/Citrix Architect at a major healthcare information technology company, and one of only 46 official Citrix Technology Professional Awardees, says of his experience: “ExtraHop is a great APM tool but it is also a great network monitoring tool and has value to every branch of my IT department. This is not a product whose value can be judged by finding its bubble in a scatter plot. I have not even scratched the surface of what this product can do.”

ExtraHop also offers healthcare organizations a way to monitor applications while complying with HIPAA security and privacy standards. Amidst 270 percent annual growth, Web-based EMR provider Practice Fusion found that only ExtraHop could provide real-time visibility across the network, web, database, and storage tiers without requiring any configuration and without risking privacy violations by storing packets. “We manage more than 50 million patient records,” says John Hluboky, VP of Technical Operations at Practice Fusion. “It’s incredibly important that ExtraHop can monitor all our traffic—even the encrypted traffic—and do it without any potential privacy violations.”

For healthcare cost-management services provider MedSolutions, ExtraHop equips every IT team member from application developers to the CIO with operational intelligence to continually improve everything from team collaboration to application rollouts to customer experience. Additionally, ExtraHop’s performance benchmarking abilities have enabled MedSolutions to migrate critical applications from physical to virtual environments—in one case saving $70,000 in hardware costs.

The ExtraHop platform meets the rigorous demands of modern healthcare applications and infrastructure by delivering key capabilities and supporting important initiatives, including the following:
• Visibility and monitoring for all clients, applications and infrastructure communicating over the network, regardless of technology or software platform
• Compliance and security insight that tracks logins by client as well as activity down to the file access level
• Support for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) efforts by automatically discovering and tracking new devices and clients, and distinguishing between those client types, including doctors’ tablets
• Plug-and-play deployment with no configuration required and no agents to install and maintain
• Proactive early warning to fix issues before customers are impacted or SLAs are breached.
• Automatic discovery and classification of all new applications and systems in the IT environment
• Drill-down capabilities that provide for transaction-specific analysis of problems

“Hospitals and doctors are under pressure to modernize, and they cannot afford disruptions or slow performance that would negatively impact patient care,” says Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop. “The rapid adoption of our platform among companies in the healthcare space arises from the safety net that we provide, making sure that these new systems do what they should while also making IT operations less burdensome and expensive.”

To see how the ExtraHop operational intelligence platform can transform your healthcare IT organization, try it for free for 60 days by downloading the ExtraHop Discovery Edition. Visit us in booth #5755 at the HIMSS13 Annual Conference and Exhibition to learn more.

About ExtraHop Networks
ExtraHop provides the real-time operational intelligence required to make IT more agile and proactive. The world’s best-run IT organizations use ExtraHop to manage more than a quarter-million devices and monitor over a trillion transactions daily, including Adobe, Alaska Airlines, Concur, Expedia, and Microsoft. Winner of many innovation awards from Gartner, Interop, and others, the ExtraHop platform auto-discovers and auto-classifies all applications and systems out of the box, providing the correlated, real-time visibility essential for dynamic environments. The ExtraHop platform deploys without agents and delivers value in less than 15 minutes, making it the most cost-effective solution on the market.

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