Case Study

Emerson Hospital Reduces Transcription TAT From Days To Hours, Lowers Costs By 50%

Source: Nuance Communications


As a smaller hospital, Emerson wanted to implement a solution without using significant physician or HIM resources. And any new system had to meet Emerson’s tight budget. Emerson was able to take advantage of Nuance Healthcare’s streamlined deployment model designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller independent facilities. With this model, regional community healthcare organizations, or those that have low transcription volumes, can still achieve reduced TAT, improved processes, and cost savings in clinical documentation.
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription employs powerful background speech recognition technology to convert the spoken word to written text from models developed solely from the medical transcription environment. The software interprets and formats dictations in order to transcribe what a clinician intends to be in a document and not necessarily what is said. The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription client software makes the editing process fast and efficient with features like shortcut keystrokes and audio speed controls. The MTs’ edits deliver important, automatic feedback that continuously enhances the speech recognition engine, enabling it to provide increasingly better drafts over time.