News Feature | February 26, 2015

EHR, IT Infrastructure Advance Patient Safety, Quality Of Care

By Karla Paris

Healthcare IT News

Measurable quality and patient safety set to take shape at Dallas-based hospital management corporation’s flagship Costa Rican hospital.

According to a majority of physicians in a Spyglass Consulting Group survey released in January, healthcare organizations are not investing adequately in health IT infrastructure in order to improve patient care coordination and clinical communication through current EHR.

As providers shift to patient-centered and team-based care models more is being required from staff and the technology they use alike. Healthcare providers are focusing on EHR interoperability, health information exchange, and improved data governance structures that yield simple and secure communication.

International Hospital Management Corporation (IHMC), based in Dallas, Texas selected Allscripts Sunrise Acute Care as the core electronic health record (EHR) for its flagship hospital in Costa Rica, Hospital CIMA San José.

IHMC operates healthcare facilities in Central America and South America. Each hospital utilizes best practices from throughout the region and is modeled after successful facilities in the U.S. and provides a full range of surgical, emergency, and diagnostic services.

Hospital CIMA San José will utilize Allscripts Sunrise to aid support care and patient management efforts for further automation patient-care processes. It intends to use the Allscripts Sunrise suite for inpatient, registration, scheduling, pharmacy, and critical care.

Sunrise Acute Care is an advanced, interdisciplinary clinical solution that helps the care team embed desired practices and protocols into their workflows. A comprehensive solution with advanced decision guidance, including CPOE, note and flow sheet documentation, clinical summary views, and other key workflows necessary for driving patient care in the acute setting.

Core clinical solutions ensure that organizations have put the right clinical system in the hands of providers to drive towards best-practice coordinated care for patients. Core clinical solutions provide enterprise-wide, evidence-based guidelines while improving clinical workflow. Additionally, these solutions assist in meeting regulations of today and tomorrow while driving towards a single patient record and allowing for the most cost-effective, quality care by providing visibility across the care continuum.

Allscripts Sunrise provides innovative computerized provider order entry (CPOE) and features, including integrated pharmacy, barcoded medication administration, and a patient portal solution. It also includes fully integrated population health capabilities. These capabilities are part of an open, community-aware EHR that supports a population health strategy to aggregate and organize critical patient data, delivering it seamlessly into the clinicians' workflow for superior decision-making power.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire