Guest Column | February 13, 2012

eForms And eSignature Eliminate Expenses From Patient Registration Through Finance

By Phil Sullivan

Today paper-based waivers and releases are signed by patients at registration. These forms may come from a desk drawer or perhaps even printed on demand through the eForms module. Either way the patient picks up a pen, signs a document and returns it to the registrar for scanning into a document imaging platform (hopefully Rasi!) Many hospitals are moving from this workflow and towards ones that eliminate paper and provide an experience well familiar to patients in other businesses.

Whether at the pharmacy, a local bank or a favorite automobile repair shop, consumers are familiar with signing documents electronically. The day is now, and consumers perceive ink to paper signatures as antiquated and a sign of technologically stunted business.

When you pair a Topaz signature device with Interactive eForms and Signature Capture software, ink or wet signatures are eliminated, paper is removed, and processes move smoothly.

Benefits do not end at registration. Throughout your facility Interactive Forms will eliminate inefficient paper forms and leverage form data in ways impossible with paper. For instance, hospitals routinely utilize Case Managers and Financial Counselors to assist patients with financial aid through various charity care programs. These programs often require multiple forms filled with data that exists nowhere else in any of your information systems. Interactive eForms can eliminate paper forms, validate input, and repurpose the form data in XML format.