White Paper

Effective Communications: Steps For Automating, Streamlining And Improving Healthcare Communications

Source: 1Call, a Division of Amtelco

The average 500-bed hospital in the United States loses $4 million each year directly due to inefficient communication, according to a study published in the Journal of Healthcare Management.

Effective and efficient communication is essential to fulfilling a healthcare organization’s mission of providing high quality care. It is also crucial to eliminating unnecessary costs and maintaining an organization’s fiscal health.

Yet communication inefficiencies occur across the healthcare system: between departments, between providers, and between providers and patients.

When communication suffers, healthcare organizations bear significant financial and legal costs. Overall, the study published in the Journal of Healthcare Management found that United States hospitals waste $12 billion each year as a result of just the communication inefficiencies between providers. Fifty-three percent of that cost is due to an increased length of patient stay.

Healthcare organizations can eliminate many root causes of inefficient communication with a combination of communication training, and technology implementation and automation.