Driving Health IT ROI With Data Analytics

Source: Health IT Outcomes

Ken Congdon is Editor In Chief at Health IT Outcomes - a media outlet that highlights how healthcare providers are leveraging health IT  to enhance their operations and patient care - and is passionate about using his writing talents to help bring positive change to the U.S. healthcare system. Ken feels that, through his writing and content development, he can open eyes, provoke conversation, and potentially change minds and actions.  His current focus is to provide healthcare organizations with unbiased direction on how to effectively leverage information technology to improve their business and clinical outcomes.

He will be speaking at HIMSS15 in April about driving health IT ROI with data analytics. Ken will walk attendees through a series of provider case studies showing how to leverage data analytics to maximize payback from their health IT investments. He also took time recently to talk with Todd Schnick, host of Health IT Voices, about his presentation and  the role of EHRs and technology in successfully achieving Meaningful Use.

Click play below to hear Ken's thoughts and all this and more, and be sure to visit our HIMSS15 Resource Center for complete coverage of one of healthcare's biggest events.

Health IT VoicesDon't forget to listen to Health IT Voices, broadcasting live from booth #6328 on the floor of HIMSS15 in Chicago. Simply click here April 13th and 14th to hear hosts Todd Schnick and Kelly Riggs as they discuss the latest in healthcare IT.