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Drive Care Coordination With Secure, Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Source: Intel Corporation

Mobile technology has long reached critical mass in the United States. Four of five American adults, or 83 percent, own some kind of cell phone, according to the August 2011 report, Americans and Their Cell Phones, by the Pew Research Center's Pew Internet and American Life Project. While the U.S. healthcare industry historically has been slow to adopt healthcare information technology, mobile healthcare may have a clearer path to adoption because the technology is ubiquitous across numerous demographics and in people's daily lives.

Indeed, mobile technology has already penetrated the healthcare industry in a fairly short period of time. More than 80 percent of the nearly 4,000 physicians responding to a May 2011 survey by QuantiaMD own a mobile device. While 19 percent already use a tablet in their practice, 35 percent indicated that they are "extremely likely" to do so. Among professional uses of their own mobile devices, looking up drug and treatment reference materials was cited by 69 percent of physician respondents, followed by learning about new treatments and clinical research at 42 percent and decision making for patient treatment and diagnosis at 40 percent.

To examine how mobile point of care (MPOC) can positively impact the quality and cost of healthcare, Intel convened three industry leaders to share their organizations' mobile vision and strategies as part of the Intel Healthcare Innovation Summit. The roundtable discussion, Where Information and Care Meet: Secure Mobile Healthcare Solutions that Drive Care Coordination, moderated by Mark Blatt, MD, worldwide medical director at Intel, explores the ways in which mobile point of care coordination across the care continuum enhances care quality measures. It also addresses how industry leaders ensure privacy and security within the mobile environment without hindering clinician productivity.

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