News | May 4, 2020

DrChrono Launches Fully Integrated Telemedicine App Exclusively To Its Network Of Providers And Is First EHR To Build A Telemedicine Physician Marketplace For Patients

DrChrono’s network of medical providers and patients provided with more televisit options as demand increases for virtual care

Sunnyvale, CA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - DrChrono Inc., the company enabling the medical practice of the future, is announcing today its new telemedicine offering consisting of two components: DrChrono Telehealth for its network of providers, launching today and a Physician Marketplace for patients launching next month.

DrChrono Telehealth Video Visit is a fully integrated software app available exclusively to its network of clinics, physicians and patients on its healthcare platform. Over 10,000 medical providers on the DrChrono platform will have access to more telehealth options and receive more inbound requests to provide virtual care visits to patients, especially during COVID-19.

Additionally, DrChrono will be launching a Physician Marketplace for patients, a physician finding service that includes an online directory of physicians by specialty allowing patients to search and instantly book a telehealth video visit. Patients will have access to personalized medical care from top U.S doctors in the DrChrono network. Over 18 million patients on the DrChrono platform will have even more access to healthcare when they need it by scheduling a video visit or consultation.

DrChrono Telehealth Video Visit for Providers - How it Works:

  • The medical practice or provider requests to have video visits enabled through DrChrono support, sales or account management.
  • Once enabled, the provider and staff can setup and configure video visits.
  • Staff members and providers can schedule video visits from the calendar, selecting an open calendar time slot, and picking the video visit option.
  • The staff and provider can also configure how the practice would like to open up their calendar for patients to book telehealth appointments, reflected on the practice’s website via the online scheduling widget, or through the patient portal/personal health record OnPatient.
  • When a Telehealth Video Visit appointment is booked, the patient will get an invitation to create an OnPatient account.
  • The patient can join the video visit appointment booked by the medical practice or book a video visit from inside of the patient portal.
  • At the scheduled appointment time the staff and provider can launch their Video Visit from the appointment on the medical practice calendar, the patient sign’s onto the OnPatient website and simply selects that appointment, and the Video Visit is launched, point-of-care now happens.

DrChrono Physician Marketplace for Patients - How it Works:

  • Patients log in and select Video Visit or consultation.
  • Patient selects the condition, for example, cold, fever, flu, coronavirus concerns, sprain, mental health, etc.
  • Patient selects the specialty, for example, primary care.
  • Patient enters basic contact information, insurance, and payment information.
  • Patient selects doctor, appointment day, and time from the physician directory.
  • Patient will receive an email confirmation with details/links for the Telehealth Video Visit appointment.
  • Patient can launch the video visit appointment and meet with their provider via video visit directly from the OnPatient website.
  • Medical information and notes from the visit will be transferred directly to the patient's electronic medical record.

“In light of the recent conditions related to COVID-19, telemedicine is becoming a lifeline between patient and physician. Patients and physicians across the country are using video visits instead of in-person appointments and some for the very first time for routine checkups or to renew a prescription,” said Daniel Kivatinos, COO and Co-Founder of DrChrono. “We’ve seen a surge in telehealth visits this past quarter and we don’t anticipate it slowing down. We’re excited to provide our new Telehealth Video Visit application to help make healthcare even more accessible for patients and physicians during this difficult time.”

Surinder Saini, MD, Board Certified in Gastroenterology and Hepatology with practices in Southern California said, “I am impressed at how quickly the team at DrChrono was able to create such an intuitive telemedicine offering embedded in DrChrono EHR. It required no setup and was easy to launch directly from within DrChrono, where at the same time I was able to also view the patient’s medical record and chart during the video visit. Patients don’t have to spend time downloading software prior to the meeting making it much easier to connect. Moreover, consent for telemedicine and sharing of documents is a breeze via the DrChrono Patient Portal. This new telemedicine offering will help our practices accommodate more urgent requests, consults, or follow up appointments with patients as needed, especially while we take extra precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

For more information and to add your practice to the new DrChrono Telehealth network, please visit:

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