News | December 15, 2020

DocASAP Launches Comprehensive Solution For Coordinating COVID-19 Vaccinations Nationwide

Herndon, VA. (PRWEB) DocASAP, the industry’s most advanced patient access and engagement platform for health systems, health plans and physician groups, today announced it is offering a COVID-19 Vaccination Coordination Solution to help healthcare providers and payers meet the urgent demand for vaccinating the nation.

The initiative will require handling the complexity of engaging healthy Americans and scheduling appointments for the two-dose vaccination over a multi-week window, while scaling to accommodate potentially 660 million vaccination appointments nationwide. Compared in scope, there were a total of 477 million primary care physician appointments in the U.S. in 2016, according to CDC’s latest report.

DocASAP’s COVID-19 Vaccination Coordination Solution will help providers and payers guide people through the vaccination process with pre-appointment engagement, online appointment scheduling and reminders, and post-appointment wellness tracking. This will help reduce the burden on staff and call centers to manage the sheer volume and complexity of these appointments, and better coordinate the influx so providers can effectively deliver the needed care. DocASAP will support the phased approach to rolling out vaccinations, beginning with front-line healthcare staff.

“The healthcare community has been resilient in responding to the pandemic as it has tested us at each step along the way,” said Dr. David B. Nash, founding dean emeritus of Jefferson College of Population Health. “2021 will be no different as it presents the next challenge: vaccinating our nation at scale. Coordinating this will mean guiding our communities through the entire vaccination process. DocASAP will help navigate millions of people to this crucial vaccination and redefine what we aspire to be the new normal, a healthy nation.”

DocASAP’s COVID-19 Vaccination Coordination Solution
DocASAP’s comprehensive digital solution is composed of the following capabilities:

  • Pre-appointment Engagement: Healthcare organizations can create outbound vaccination campaigns that target specific populations, helping increase awareness and promote scheduling appointments.
  • Online Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: Through healthcare organizations’ websites and apps, people can self-schedule both vaccination appointments in one go. Providers can set scheduling rules to help manage capacity and access across different care settings and locations offering the vaccine, including setting the date difference required between the first and second vaccination. Custom questions can be added to capture valuable health information. Automated digital confirmations and reminders can be sent for each scheduled appointment to help educate and prepare individuals for their visit and decrease no-shows. Those who don’t show up for their vaccination can be delivered a reminder to reschedule the vaccination.
  • Post-Vaccination Wellness Tracking: Vaccine recipients can be prompted to assess and track their wellness following their appointment. Those experiencing adverse reactions will be directed to seek appropriate medical attention.
  • Record Vaccine Data: Vaccine visits can be added to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) and support the need for mandatory state-based reporting.

According to a recent survey by DocASAP, once a COVID-19 vaccine becomes widely available, 84% of respondents plan to get it. When asked where you would feel safest receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, the top selection from respondents was the doctor's office (48%), followed by hospital (33%), pharmacy (29%), urgent care (20%) and retail/grocery stores with a walk-in clinic (15%).

“As we come closer to having the COVID-19 vaccine available for distribution in the United States, DocASAP is committed to doing the right thing in supporting our nation, providers and communities,” said Puneet Maheshwari, co-founder and CEO of DocASAP. “We will be working closely with the healthcare community to help them coordinate access to these vaccinations. Together, we will navigate these challenging times and continue to help providers and payers connect patients and members to the right care, when they need it.”

About DocASAP
DocASAP provides the industry’s most advanced patient access and engagement platform for health systems, health plans and physician groups. DocASAP empowers organizations to navigate patients to the optimal provider and care setting at the right time throughout their access journey, helping improve outcomes, reduce costs and create a better patient experience. Backed and promoted in the market by Aetna, Optum and UnitedHealthcare, DocASAP builds unique payer-provider connections with an eye toward simpliļ¬ed access, increased care compliance and improved population risk management. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @DocASAP.

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