News Feature | May 3, 2016

Digital Health Platform Offers Enhanced Consumer Engagement, Intervention

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Ease Patient Sharing Information

Zillion provides the power behind UnitedHealth Group’s successful “Real Appeal” Program

Patient engagement is seen by many as key to successfully optimizing the healthcare industry, providing quality care, and improving outcomes at a reduced cost. Telemedicine offers great opportunities for physicians to connect with patients in cost-effective, efficient, and engaging ways, as Health IT Outcomes pointed out. Interactive health apps help patients improve outcomes and monitor chronic conditions.

Now, Zillion Group has announced the release of its digital health technology platform which specializes in live video consultation that converts content, people-based services, and programs into scalable digital products and enables companies to realize the true potential of mobile engagement and empower consumers to take control of their health.

Zillion’s platform features face-to-face live video conferencing — including one-to-one, group, and webcast scheduled or on-demand — coupled with content delivery, interactive messaging, curriculum scheduling, alerts and reminders, digital workforce management, data analytics, and goal tracking.

“Our goal is to empower healthcare innovators to focus on transforming care delivery while we provide the technology to make that happen. Whether that’s easy integration with old legacy systems and processes or the necessary flexibility to serve the evolving needs of today’s consumers, Zillion can help bring those innovations to market,” said Bill Van Wyck, founder and president at Zillion.

Zillion provides the technology platform that powers UnitedHealth Group’s successful Real Appeal interactive, personalized weight-loss program. Using Zillion’s advanced, HIPAA-secure technology architecture, Real Appeal provides interaction, education, and entertainment including an interactive weekly online Internet television series, group discussions, and live coaching. The Real Appeal program now boasts more than one million participants in the last half of 2015, with an additional half million people committed for the first half of 2016.

“Zillion’s technology platform helps our consumers receive the continuous motivation and engagement that is needed to sustain long-term health outcomes,” said Greg Pederson, Chief Information Officer at Real Appeal.

Zillion’s platform utilizes an open, API-first architecture that allows innovators to build programs quickly and efficiently, and offers a broad suite of applications and functionality to improve consumer engagement programs using the same platform engine.