News | March 18, 2011

Datalux Service Offerings Now Include Overnight Computer Replacement

‘Three new expanded warranty support programs announced'

Customers who require immediate equipment availability can now choose an enhanced support program that ships a spare computer overnight. Datalux's new Top Flight service program bridges the gap between return-to-depot repair service and on-site technical support for Datalux IPIX and IPIX e-Series computers. The company also unveiled two additional extended support programs for its medical-grade computers that include extending the standard three-year warranty for up to five years, and the Freedom Protection Plan that guards against accidental computer damage.

The new optional support programs are a complement to the company's standard three-year, return-to-factory warranty for all IPIX computers. Designed specifically for point-of-care applications in hospitals and clinics, the durable, energy-efficient, sealed, fan-less computers are coated in antimicrobial plastic and approved (IEC-60601-1) for use in patient care environments.

"Datalux is accustomed to very demanding customers. Our all-in-one computer systems are used by medical professionals for patient care applications in hospitals, and by police officers in their patrol cars. These professionals respond to emergency situations and demand equipment that is ready and reliable. Datalux systems are reliable, and the standard 3-year warranty is evidence of that. Now we are offering additional services for our customers who need high availability systems and an increased level of support," said Gary Davis, Datalux corporate director of sales and marketing.

Datalux Top Flight Service Program
The new Datalux Top Flight support program provides customers with a spare computer shipped overnight. This is accomplished by maintaining an identical spare all-in-one system at Datalux technical support center in Winchester, Virginia. This computer can be shipped overnight to the customer in the event a system needs service or repair. The Top Flight Program is targeted to support customers with 50 or more IPIX systems installed.

Datalux Extended Warranty
The 3-year standard warranty offered by Datalux already goes beyond what is offered by most computer manufacturers. The extended warranty option offers customers the opportunity to increase the coverage of their standard three-year warranty to four or five years.

Datalux Freedom Protection Plan
Protecting against the costs of accidental damage and out-of-warranty repairs, the Datalux Freedom Protection Plan helps customers manage their budget by minimizing total repair costs. Plus, if a system covered by the Freedom Protection Plan must be replaced for any reason, the replacement order will be expedited. The Freedom Protection Plan acts as a compliment to the standard three-year warranty and is also valuable to customers who choose the four or five-year extended warranty.

Details of these programs can be obtained by contacting Datalux Corporation. Datalux IPIX all-in-one computers are available in 17-inch and 19-inch versions. The new Datalux IPIX e-Series Computer is available in 19-inch configuration.

About Datalux
Headquartered in Winchester, Va., Datalux Corporation designs and manufactures Space Saver compact keyboards, industrial LCD displays and compact, durable computers. Datalux TRACER and IPIX all-in-one computers are designed for settings with limited space and significant mobility requirements. They offer considerable value and energy efficiency without sacrificing the computing power of conventional computers. Tooling, plastic injection molding, PC board (PCB) layout and final assembly all are executed at the Datalux Winchester, Va., headquarters. The company's core competence lies in its ability to design and package computer systems to meet unique computing requirements. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Datalux Corporation