News | July 18, 2013

Colorado Hospital System Selects Wellcentive To Support CPC And PCMH Initiatives

Source: Wellcentive

Wellcentive, an Atlanta-­‐based provider of innovative Population Health Management and Data Analytics solutions, recently announced that it had been selected by Boulder Community Hospital (BCH) Physician Clinics to facilitate better care coordination and improve outcomes as part Of its Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative, support its Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) implementation, and prepare for the possibility of future Accountable Care activities.

Wellcentive’s Advance solution was selected over other vendors for this project due to its ability to allow the user to easily create completely custom alerts, reports, and quality metrics, its support for many nationally recognized quality outcomes, extensive and easily activated clinical and administrative data points that include payer and prescription information, the presence of benchmarks for physicians and clinics, and a focus on data quality and data management workflow tools.

“The Wellcentive products have a number of compelling and valuable features that deliver robust reporting and automated alerts,” said Grant W. Lunney, MBA, Senior Operations Manager of Physician Clinics at BCH. “What we liked the most, however, was their proven Expertise with NCQA, NQF, CPCI and PCMH programs.”

Wellcentive was retained to assist in managing the needs Of BCH’s more than 50 employed Outpatient primary providers, their participation in the CPC initiative, and their progress Toward PCMH certification.

The CPC  initiative is a four-­‐year initiative administered by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.  The CMS Innovation Center was created by the Affordable Care Act To test innovative payment and service delivery models that have the potential to reduce Program expenditures while preserving or enhancing the quality of care.

BCH’s program is among 73 primary Care  Practices  in Colorado that have been selected by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to participate in a comprehensive Initiative to help keep health care costs down. In total, 335 providers from Across  the State will participate in the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative.

BCH will purchase licenses to Wellcentive’s Outcomes Manager and Advance Risk Manager solutions. The Outcomes Manager and Advance Risk Manager are critical tools for proactively Managing care and controlling costs. With these tools, BCH can identify and stratify patients Within selected risk profiles, enabling providers to focus their care management resources On the highest risk patients. This results in a greater ability to affect change in both the quality of care and the costs associated with that care. BCH can truly look forward and employ predictive risk modeling.

Through a growing number of accounts like BCH, Wellcentive has gained market attention By appending, accelerating  and pushing past the delivery capabilities of legacy systems. “With an unprecedented combination of uncertainty, pressure and opportunity, these are Remarkably challenging times for health care organizations” said Mason Beard, Senior Vice President of Solutions and Operations and Wellcentive co-­‐founder. “Our solutions empower Organizations to evolve and grow through the power of their own data.”

About Wellcentive:
Since 2005, Wellcentive has delivered physician-­‐facing, population health management and data analytics solutions that help clients improve both clinical and financial outcomes. Wellcentive's cloud-­‐ based, scalable, customizable Advance solution enables Responsible Population Health Management with industry-­‐leading point of care tools, care gap analysis, Automated patient outreach, outcomes reporting, predictive modeling and risk assessment, Care management and coordination, and cost and utilization analysis. Wellcentive’s proprietary Interfacing platform aggregates and normalizes clinical and administrative data from disparate sources, including EMRs, local and national labs, e-­‐Rx, PMS, health systems, payers, HIEs, and data warehouses. Wellcentive transforms this actionable data into meaningful information that enables preventive care, evidence-­‐based chronic disease management, clinical integration, and participation in performance-­‐based and risk-­‐based reimbursement programs, including Pay-­‐for-­‐Performance, PCMH, PQRS, and Accountable Care.

Thousands of providers and their organizations use Wellcentive solutions to deliver high- quality, cost-­‐ effective care for many millions of patients. Wellcentive’s leading-­‐edge Interfacing platform has more than 1,700 live interfaces with a wide variety of local And national interfacing partners. Wellcentive’s clients include some of the most prestigious Physician groups, physician organizations, health information exchanges, professional organizations, and employer groups in the country.

About Boulder Community Hospital:
Boulder Community Hospital is a coordinated network of facilities and skilled personnel providing an Expansive range of medical services to people and businesses in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. As a locally owned and operated non-­‐profit hospital system, Boulder Community is dedicated to meeting the constantly evolving health care needs of local citizens. Oulder Community is known across Colorado for its clinical excellence in heart care,  urosurgery, stroke care, orthopedics and cancer care. Some 600 physicians in 54 medical Specialties have privileges at BCH. For more information, visit

Source: Wellcentive