Case Study

Choosing An Efficient HIPAA-Compliant Communication Solution At Jackson-Madison County General Hospital

Source: 1Call, a Division of Amtelco
MSPs must be HIPAA Compliant

Beginning in the 1960s, pager-like systems were put to use and quickly became the industry standard for sending messages. Over the last few decades, the way hospitals communicate sensitive information has evolved, and their technology needs have changed to secure Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA rules. In light of this, hospitals are now searching for secure communication systems that are also more robust, such as miSecureMessages.

Jackson-Madison County General Hospital is one of those hospitals. Located in Jackson, Tennessee, Jackson-Madison County General Hospital is part of the West Tennessee Healthcare System, one of the top 10 largest public, not-for-profit healthcare systems in the United States. The system employs more than 5,000 people, and services 17 counties around West Tennessee.

Selecting a Secure Solution

Needing an easy-to-use pager replacement system that would adapt to their unique needs, Jackson- Madison County General Hospital began to search for a solution that was also HIPAA compliant. “Being in compliance is always a priority for our organization,” said Beth Wells, Executive Director of Patient Access at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

After evaluating a number of products, and reviewing them with both the clinical and IS staff members, Jackson-Madison County General Hospital selected miSecureMessages as their secure messaging solution. “What we saw was the ease of use,” commented Beth. “That was a very positive thing, and also the functionality that we thought we could utilize as a basis, and grow on. We liked what we saw.”

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1Call, a Division of Amtelco