News | January 10, 2020

Caregiver Invests In Electronic Health Records, Achieves Company-Wide Insight And Efficiency

Fort Worth, TX /PRNewswire/ - Can technology improve care for some of society's most vulnerable citizens? That's what Fort Worth-based Caregiver, Inc. set out to find as the regional service provider for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) began its migration from a paper health record system to a secure electronic health record system over a year ago.

Necessary record and data systems have historically been manual, paper-based, and time-consuming, draining caregivers' time away from the people they were meant to help.

Now, Caregiver electronically gathers information about each person, inputs the data, and can access and assess information quickly to strengthen every aspect of the business.

  • Digitized information is accurate and comprehensive.
  • Documentation is high quality, understandable, reliable.
  • Caregivers spend more time on care.
  • Data is immediately accessible.
  • Potential issues are immediately identified.
  • Assessments are fast; responses are consistent.
  • KPIs across every department are monitored and improved.

"Our priority is quality and performance improvement, and with an optimized EHR, we always know how we're delivering on our goals," said Cameron Dasso, RN, Vice President of Technology for Caregiver. "When we provide care that is the highest quality, delivered most efficiently, everyone wins."

In addition to monitoring and forecasting incidences, illnesses, and basic vital signs to better manage care, Caregiver can identify business-related trends: for instance, quality and consistency of documentation, utilization of services to anticipate needs; employee performance, staffing, business performance, and financial performance, and more.

Key performance indicators show Caregiver what's working, while forecasts carefully track conditions, demographics, service levels, need changes and trends, and medical factors charting a path for future best practices and service models.

"Through our system, we have a more efficient method of managing labor, reducing unnecessary overtime, and providing better visibility into staffing patterns," said Dasso. "When you have efficient data entry, consumption, and reporting, the company and payers achieve overall cost savings. It's an exciting time to be in such an important business of helping our individuals."

About Caregiver
Formed in 2015, Caregiver, Inc., is a privately held company with 4200 employees within the headquarters support group and branded affiliates in four states that provides a wide range of intermediate, home and community care services to over 3000 individuals who qualify as developmentally or intellectually disabled or are impacted by related conditions. Headquarters: 4800 Overton Plaza, Suite 440 in Fort Worth.

Source: Caregiver, Inc.

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