Captuvo SL42h Enterprise Sled For The Apple® iPod touch® 5th Generation

Source: Honeywell

Captuvo SL42h Enterprise Sled For The Apple® iPod touch® 5th Generation

With increased focus on improving care team communications, healthcare organizations are turning to new technologies like smart phones to improve patient safety and reduce IT spending. Honeywell's Captuvo SL42h Enterprise Sled encases the popular 5th generation Apple® iPhone(TM) with an industry-leading, integrated barcode scanner and a disinfectant-ready protective housing, transforming it into a superior tool for clinician workflows.

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Rather than traditional methods of using multiple devices such as landline or VoIP phones, call buttons, pagers or overhead announcements, the Captuvo SL42h gives clinicians a single more powerful tool to communicate with and manage their patient care activities. This reduces the cost of hardware and IT support required to manage multiple devices.

The Captuvo SL42h features Honeywell Adaptus(TM) Imaging Technology 6.0 for barcode scanning that enables fast and accurate reading of linear and 2D barcodes. The SL42h has been specifically enhanced to rapidly capture even the most challenging healthcare barcodes such as clear IV bags and micro-2D barcodes found on medications which saves time and improves patient safety.

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