News | December 4, 2013

1Call Introduces IS Mobile App

1Call is pleased to announce IS Mobile, a new App designed to give physicians and staff a convenient method for accessing their status, messages, directories, and on-call schedules.

Using this App, physicians and staff can view and change their status (in the facility, in their office, with patients, etc.), view their messages and send messages to other physicians and staff, access the directory to quickly find and contact other staff, view their on-call schedule assignments, request a change to the on-call, and look up other on-call schedules and contact those individuals via secure message, SMS, paging, e-mail, or phone call. Since it is constantly updated, users always have access to the most current information, and the newest messages, speeding access to the needed information. This App is designed for use with the recent Apple iOS 7 update, on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices.

AMTELCO President Tom Curtin stated, “This App helps our healthcare partners keep their physicians informed while they are on the go, making them all more efficient – with all the information in one location with a single App! It saves time for everyone, and helps eliminate errors since information is always updated, resulting in better patient care.”

Source: 1Call