Case Study

Brigham And Women's Hospital Saves Over $9M, Improves MT Productivity 123%

Source: Nuance Communications


Dragon Medical 360 | eScription uses computer aided medical transcription (CAMT), powerful background speech recognition technology that converts the spoken word to written text. Using models developed solely from the MT environment, the system employs contextual information to create high quality first drafts,
improving MT productivity and reducing costs significantly.
Today, over 20 million lines of transcription flow through the system at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  More than 1,700 clinicians use Dragon Medical 360 | eScription regularly, as do more than 50 medical specialty groups and sub-groups across the organization.
No clinician training was required to adopt the new system. Clinicians who previously used tape recorders now dictate into the telephone, and those using the telephone continue to do so. Inpatient and ambulatory services document management is centralized in the HIS department, increasing operational efficiency.