News Feature | August 12, 2014

Big Data Comes To Mississippi Medicaid

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Mississippi Patient Record Big Data Database

MedeAnalytics creates a state-wide clinical data repository, master patient index, and provider portal with Mississippi Division of Medicaid.

California-based MedeAnalytics and the Mississippi Division of Medicaid have created a statewide clinical data repository that includes a master patient index and a longitudinal patient record for more than 750,000 Medicaid beneficiaries.

Leveraging MedeAnalytics' analytics platform and Medicaid Management solution, Medicaid providers can access a harmonized state-wide MPI that allows administrators to easily manage a patient's longitudinal record and improve patient safety and care.

After using MedeAnalytics’ algorithms, Mississippi DOM said its staff achieved a 95 percent “confidence rate” in the integrity of the master patient index. The process included analyzing and de-duplicating more than a decade of medical records from 2.3 million Medicaid patients, officials said.

"It is our mission to ensure that the Medicaid-eligible population has access to quality care in the most cost-efficient and comprehensive manner possible," explained Rita Rutland, Deputy Administrator of the Office of Information Technology Management (iTech). "To increase efficiency while improving care, we need to offer Medicaid providers a full 360 degree, instantly accessible view to a high volume of data; that is why we selected a technology partner with deep healthcare analytics experience to aggregate our historical data and build a longitudinal record for all beneficiaries."

The Mississippi DOM has already expanded the platform after a successful implementation, and plans are now underway to expand the scope to include the state’s Health Information Exchange to support further collaboration. Andrew Hurd, MedeAnalytics Chairman and CEO explained, "By establishing a clinical data repository and MPI, Mississippi DOM has become a model agency for its counterparts across the nation."

Christopher Smith, Interoperability Strategist for Mississippi DOM, and Dan West, Director of Product Marketing at MedeAnalytics, will be presenting a session "Deploying a Clinical Master Patient Index (MPI): Lessons Learned from the Mississippi Division of Medicaid" and initial results at the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, August 19 at 9:30 a.m. MT. For further details about the conference, please visit