News | May 1, 2013

Upcoming Webinar: Benefits from the Experts - Implementing Mobility In Healthcare

Benefits from the Experts - Implementing Mobility In Healthcare Webinar

Benefits from the Experts—Implementing Mobility in Healthcare

Healthcare is about people – but it is also about data. A lot of data. The right mobile solution can make data management easier, more efficient and more effective. We’ve gathered experts from mobile technology and healthcare to share insights on mobile solution selection and implementation, including:

  • The importance of defining, evaluating and addressing workflows, environment, infrastructure and software
  • Wireless Design
  • Total Cost of Ownership:  Rugged vs Consumer Mobile Hardware
  • Cloud leveraged software & the potential to boost real-time business intelligence and supervision

Date: Tuesday May 14th  at 1 pm CST


  • Mark Blatt, MD, Worldwide Medical Director, Intel
  • Jeff R. Zavaleta, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Graphium Health
  • Carol Rylander, Director of Field Marketing, Motion Computing

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Source: Motion Computing, Inc.