News | March 1, 2013

Baystate Health Selects Awarepoint After Extensive Competitive Process

Health system ranked among top 15 in the nation by Thomson Reuters

Awarepoint Corporation, the largest real-time location system (RTLS) corporation dedicated exclusively to healthcare, announced recently that Baystate Health, ranked as one of the country's top 15 health systems by Thomson Reuters, has signed an agreement to install Awarepoint's RTLS at the first of its health system's three hospitals. Initially, the RTLS implementation will occur at Baystate Medical Center, which includes Baystate Children's Hospital, in Springfield, Mass. The deployment will focus on tracking and managing assets to: improve workflow, productivity and efficiency; enhance patient safety and the quality and timeliness of care; and reduce equipment costs.

Baystate Health's initial deployment will cover 1.3 million square feet, and track 3,000 assets. Implementation at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital in Ware, Mass., and Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, Mass. will follow.

"We strive to deliver the highest quality, lowest cost care to our patients, and our partnership with Awarepoint will help us reduce our cost of operations, save clinicians time, and increase staff productivity while improving the quality of care," said Joel Vengco, VP and CIO of Baystate Health. "We are very excited about the rapid time-to-value that Awarepoint delivers, and appreciate the fact that we can implement RTLS without interfering with our mission-critical WiFi network."

Vengco continued, "The Awarepoint solution will help us manage assets across our entire healthcare system more efficiently. Their aware360°Platform will provide the foundation upon which we can expand our RTLS capabilities to address other tough challenges in the future, including automated temperature monitoring, patient flow - particularly in our high-volume departments − and enterprise-wide capacity management."

Baystate Health will implement awareAssets, part of the aware360°Suite of RTLS-enabled solutions that automatically translates real-time data into actionable intelligence by monitoring the location of patients, staff and assets. The awareAssets application identifies the location and status of mobile medical equipment with room-level accuracy using plug-and-play technology that allows enterprise-wide deployment in about 60 days, the fastest time-to-value in the industry. The software can also track device utilization and whether equipment such as infusion pumps has been properly cleaned, sterilized and maintained.

Other benefits that drove Baystate Health's decision to partner with Awarepoint include:
• Demonstrable return on investment (ROI) with $3-$7 returned for every $1 invested
• Uses ZigBee technology that enables quick, non-disruptive installation, even in sterile areas
• Offers the only cloud-based, turnkey RTLS with an integrated software, technology, and managed services solution on a single platform, which minimizes internal IT involvement
• Drives equipment workflow, and not just basic tracking
• Allows for extensible platform growth with additional technology and software expansion as required to support future use cases and health system needs

The average U.S. hospital owns or rents at least twice as many mobile medical devices (pumps, ventilators, wheelchairs, etc.) as they need because required equipment can't be located efficiently. This results in unnecessary annual rental and purchasing costs for healthcare systems in the $500,000 to $2M dollar range. Nurses and other staff members each spend an average of 30 minutes per shift tracking down lost equipment-time that could be spent on direct patient care. Missing equipment also contributes to operating rooms functioning at less than 68 percent of their capacity and causes delays in transferring patients out of the emergency department.

"Hospitals and health systems are being asked to do more with less, so we constantly strive to help our client organizations deliver the most efficient, safe, high-quality care," said Awarepoint CEO Jay Deady. "It is gratifying to partner with another top-tier health system like Baystate Health, which has been widely recognized as a premier healthcare organization known for providing outstanding clinical care to a diverse patient population that other healthcare facilities try to emulate. I also am pleased to see our client base continue to expand in the Northeastern U.S."

Deady added, "Awarepoint's RTLS platform provides a versatile, scalable, affordable and user-friendly option for addressing many of the financial and quality challenges hospitals face as the nation's health system transitions from volume-based, fee-for-service reimbursement to a value-based approach." 

About Baystate Health
Baystate Health, located in Springfield MA, is the largest private employer in western Massachusetts, with more than 10,000 employees, and is one of the largest integrated healthcare systems in New England. This not-for-profit health system serves the healthcare needs of residents of western MA at its four hospitals, health centers, 60 medical practices, home care and hospice services, and many ancillary health care services throughout the region. For more information, visit

About Awarepoint
Awarepoint delivers the healthcare industry's only cloud-based, Real-time Location System (RTLS) on a single platform of integrated software, technology, and managed services. By enabling predictive workflows to better manage assets, patients, and personnel across the enterprise, the aware360°Suite allows administrators and care providers to advance the quality, efficiency, experience, and economics of care. Dedicated exclusively to healthcare, Awarepoint's experience and reliable, proven solutions power the largest healthcare RTLS deployments in the world. For more information, visit

Source: Awarepoint Corporation