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AutoCruitment Launches Electronic Medical Record Capture & Intelligence To Enhance Patient Recruitment Services

Technology slashes EMR collection timeline from 2 weeks to as little as 16 minutes

Raleigh, NC /PRNewswire/ - AutoCruitment, the leader in direct-to-patient advertising and engagement services, today announced the successful completion of its pilot program for EMR Capture & Intelligence as part of its patient recruitment technology platform. This groundbreaking AI-powered technology streamlines the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) consent, capture, standardization and review process for clinical research sites and patients.

The pilot program focused on assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the EMR Capture & Intelligence capability in capturing patient consent and HIPAA authorization for the collection of medical records. This innovative technology ensures that patient data is securely and confidentially managed throughout the process and leverages the power of AI to capture and organize data on the patients' behalf.

"Initial results from our pilot program demonstrate the great potential of EMR Capture & Intelligence in expediting how records are collected and patients are qualified," said Jill Pellegrino, CEO at AutoCruitment. "Identifying optimal patients faster with sophisticated screening is just one more way we're putting patients at the center of clinical trial recruitment."

The use of the EMR Capture & Intelligence capability aims to achieve significant time savings for clinical research sites through the automation of record collection. Our pilot revealed the capability of decreasing the EMR collection timeline from what can take 2 weeks, to as little as 16 minutes. This program also clarified patients' willingness to automate elements of clinical trial screening: more than 90% of potential patients consented to having AutoCruitment collect their EMR data. Now that the program is live, AutoCruitment is committed to additional development and refinement of its technology platform, including the ability to further support recruitment with enhanced screening for patient qualification, based on EMR data.

About AutoCruitment
AutoCruitment helps life sciences companies accelerate patient recruitment. AutoCruitment's technology-backed, full service, global, direct to patient digital advertising approach targets, recruits, and screens more of the right patients quickly to eliminate the patient recruitment bottleneck. The full clinical trial recruitment and enrollment process is seamless with AutoCruitment's dedicated Project Management and Site & Patient Engagement teams, transparent, real-time reporting, and a secure user-friendly Patient Management Portal.

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