News | March 5, 2013

Anton/Bauer MPS Launches Guaranteed Mobile Power Program At HiMSS 2013


An Industry First, Program Offers Custom Power System Assessment and Configurations to Hospitals

Anton/Bauer MPS, a Vitec Group company and a premier provider of mobile power systems for the medical technology industry, is pleased to unveil at HiMSS 2013 (Booth #6348) its new Guaranteed Mobile Power Program. The innovative program, the first of its kind in the medical technology industry, gives hospital decision-makers access to Anton/Bauer MPS battery experts, who can assess and configure a power system that meets the hospital’s long-term performance goals while eliminating the typical upfront capital costs of battery management and maintenance.

As part of Anton/Bauer MPS’ mission to deliver mobile power solutions that streamline hospital workflow, the Guaranteed Mobile Power Program was developed to eliminate the problems that hospitals face when selecting and purchasing mobile power systems to be used with mobile workstation (WOWs), patient monitoring equipment and other mobile devices. The program is designed to take the guesswork and upfront capital expenditure out of mobile workstation batteries.

“Over the past several years, hospitals have been consumed by managing battery power for mobile medical devices,” says Patrick Ney, vice president, Anton/Bauer MPS. “We have designed the Guaranteed Mobile Power Program to eliminate the hospitals most common concerns, cost of ownership, battery-life and how the power system affects workflow and performance goals. In the end, Anton/Bauer MPS manages all aspects of battery power systems, giving hospital staff the time to focus on adding value to patient care.”

The program is structured to make selecting and implementing the program easy. First, one of Anton/Bauer MPS’ battery experts will visit the medical facility to gain a better understanding of its long-term EHR plan, workflow requirements and the computer devices in use. With this important information, Anton/Bauer MPS will then configure a power system that will meet or exceed the hospital’s expectations and create a monthly or quarterly pricing model to eliminate upfront acquisition and long-term maintenance costs. Next, Anton/Bauer MPS suggests that the hospital tests the power system to prove that the concept works as designed. Once the hospital agrees that system works effectively, a clear integration roadmap and training plan are created to make the go-live simple.

Finally, Anton/Bauer MPS and the hospital works together to decide how frequently the support team should visit the facility to conduct refresher training and system re-evaluation to ensure expectations continue to be met and everything is operating smoothly. In less than three weeks, the hospital can be up and running with the most efficient battery program available anywhere.

“This program changes everything,” says Ney. “U.S. hospitals will finally have an opportunity to partner with the medical industry’s mobile power expert to develop a plan that meets performance, cost and ROI goals. Whether it’s the MPS’ industry-leading, patented HotSwap system, which provides 24/7 uptime, or one of our other high-quality mobile power systems, by utilizing the Guaranteed Mobile Power Program, hospitals have an opportunity to configure a system that maximizes workflow while making the maintenance and long-term management of batteries easy. Further, this program eliminates the large, upfront capital expense of buying and maintaining batteries with a manageable, predictable operational expense that has been custom suited to support the hospital’s power needs.”

In addition, the technology behind Anton/Bauer MPS’s charging capabilities provides further security to a hospital’s initial investment, when purchasing a power system. Not only does Anton/Bauer MPS give users the ability to charge many different battery chemistries with one device, but as future cell chemistries are developed, the charging system used today will understand and adjust the charging requirements of the future with a simple software upgrade.

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About Anton/Bauer MPS
Anton/Bauer MPS, a Vitec Group company, designs and manufactures Mobile Power Systems (MPS) for use with medical workstations and other mobile devices. Anton/Bauer MPS products include patented technologies that increase overall battery life and run times, specializing in both swappable and conventional base-mounted models in a wide range of configurations, size and chemistries to match any hospital’s needs for capacity, run time and other features.

With more than 40 years of proven experience, Anton/Bauer is recognized as the world’s innovator and premier provider of multi-chemistry battery, charging and monitoring technology for the Mobile Power Systems (MPS) industry. The company’s headquarters is in Shelton, Conn., with offices in South America, Europe and Asia. Its parent company, the Vitec Group, principally serves customers in the international medical, broadcast, photographic and military, aerospace and government (MAG) markets. 

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