News Feature | January 14, 2015

ACO Implements Care Coordination Medical Records

Julia Ernst

By Julia Ernst, contributing writer

Patients Overcharged For Medical Records

Northern Ohio Medical Specialists will utilize the eClinicalWorks system for population health management.

The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) of Northern Ohio Medical Specialists (NOMS) has gone live with the Care Coordination Medical Records (CCMR) system from eClinicalWorks for population health management.

The CCMR system from eClinicalWorks provides health organizations with analytics about cost utilization, measures of clinical quality, and population health. The system also provides users with population health alerts that can be used with the community. The CCMR system from eClinicalWorks is operational between different EMR systems.

The CCMR system will provide the NOMS ACO with the ability to maintain a connection at all stages of patient care. The system will also facilitate smooth transitions, engage patients and providers in preventative care, improve outcomes, and reduce costs, according to a news release on the implementation.

The CCMR system uses closed-loop analytics to deliver reporting, alerting, and messaging capabilities necessary to manage population health, according to the news release. Dashboards can be shown to the patient community, which allow providers to monitor adherence of clinical process and outcomes, including medication recalls and chronic disease management.

“The mission of NOMS ACO is to improve and maintain the health of all people in our community,” said Louis Ralofsky, MD, CEO and president of NOMS ACO. “… eClinicalWorks CCMR will aid us in our care goals by delivering a comprehensive population health platform that includes dashboards to identify gaps in the care. Its closed loop analytics along with care planning technology will make results actionable, resulting in quality improvement.”

NOMS Healthcare is a multi-specialty physician group, offering services in dermatology, internal medicine, neurology, and more. The organization has multiple locations throughout the state and includes more than 60 physicians.

SOURCE: Business Wire