Magazine Article | November 10, 2011

Achieve Award-Winning Wireless Communication

Source: Health IT Outcomes

By Vicki Amendola, Editor, Health IT Outcomes

The comprehensive wireless communication solution at Maple Grove Hospital enables life-saving efficiency that scores big with both patients and providers.

Many healthcare facilities are embracing wireless technologies and strategies to satisfy patient care initiatives. Often, these facilities, whether large or small, face challenges such as staff resistance and system design, and even existing building infrastructure. Maple Grove Hospital had the unique opportunity to avoid these challenges by designing the hospital's wireless communication model well before the first beam was placed or the first clinical staff member was hired. The facility, based in Maple Grove, MN, is a 90-bed community hospital that opened on December 30, 2009 and was driven by a team of architects, administrators, clinicians, efficiency experts, and IT specialists who were dedicated to offering a differentiated care delivery model supported by highly integrated communications technology.