Article | May 11, 2018

A Technology How-To Guide For Nurse Leaders: Read The CNO Perspective

Source: Vocera Communications
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By Rhonda Collins, MSN, RN, CNO, Vocera

Nurse Fired Posting ER Photos

A Six-Point Checklist for Defining Change

Integrated technologies have already begun to impact the discipline of nursing. Nurse leaders are positioned to influence how technology is applied in the patient care environment – but many aren’t asking the critical questions that need to be asked, or claiming their rightful seat at the table.

The 2018 CNO Perspective shows nurse leaders how to:

  • Use integrated technology to help solve your most urgent challenges of today
  • Choose technology that lets conversations center on the patient
  • Work in partnership with IT to ensure the clinical perspective is always front and center

Change is here, happening now, and will only accelerate. This is a report about what to do about it.

Read the report today.