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Ken Congdon (@Ken_Congdon) Ken is a seasoned journalist with more than a decade of experience covering business information technology. He is also a thought leader in the health IT space – speaking at industry conferences including HIMSS and the Panasonic Healthcare Symposium.


Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief of Health IT Outcomes
The Final Nail In The Meaningful Use Coffin?
Healthcare providers across the country express their disappointment in the final Meaningful Use ‘Modifications’ Rule issued by CMS, and question the long-term viability of the program.  Continue Reading..
  • It’s Time To Change The Provider/Pharmacy Paradigm

    In an era of team-driven care coordination and value-based reimbursement, it makes more sense than ever for providers to establish their own point-of-care pharmacies.

  • IBM, Apple & Epic: Health IT’s Dream Team?

    IBM’s exclusive partnership with Apple could mean a giant leap forward for healthcare mobility. Here’s why.

  • Where Does IT Hurt?

    CIOs from four major health systems list their biggest pain points and outline their strategies to overcome these challenges.

  • Is It Time For An MU Reboot?

    Health IT leaders are becoming frustrated with the MU program’s lack of flexibility, stating that the criteria don’t align with organizational objectives.

  • Financial And Clinical Worlds Unite At ANI 2014

    This year’s HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) ANI (Annual National Institute) conference went beyond ICD-10 to show a growing harmonization between financial and clinical teams in an effort to address a variety of reimbursement challenges.

  • Birmingham’s Health IT Breeding Ground

    Atlanta is largely considered the health IT capital of the United States, but there are some innovative new health IT technology companies for providers to watch in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Will Apple Revolutionize Healthcare?

    Apple announced its new HealthKit app at its Worldwide Developer Conference this week and the platform had more provider play than expected. What does this announcement mean for the ongoing transformation of the healthcare industry?

  • The Trouble With EHRs

    Too many health providers are adopting EHRs simply to satisfy MU requirements and collect their incentive payments. This is a shortsighted goal.

  • The Health Provider’s EHR Wish List

    Meaningful Use may be driving EHR adoption, but our survey reveals that much more is required from the technology to make it a truly useful tool to healthcare providers.