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Ken Congdon (@Ken_Congdon) Ken is a seasoned journalist with more than a decade of experience covering business information technology. He is also a thought leader in the health IT space – speaking at industry conferences including HIMSS and the Panasonic Healthcare Symposium.


Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief of Health IT Outcomes
HIMSS15 Provides Both Clarity & Confusion
Interoperability and Population Health Management were once again the hottest topics at the health IT industry’s largest conference. The event helped to clarify efforts in one of these areas while muddling the messages delivered in the other.  Continue Reading..
  • Telemedicine: The Next Big Thing In Health IT

    The most promising aspect of telemedicine is the impact the technology can have on population health and patient care.

  • Moving Beyond The EHR

    What technologies will shape the future of healthcare as the industry ventures into the looming “post-EHR era”?

  • Health Providers Need To Get With The Times

    As the prevalence of high-deductible health plans continue to rise, patient convenience will become more and more important. Small, independent health providers need to invest in the technologies necessary to cater to the most basic customer demands.

  • Why Gamification Is Failing In Healthcare

    Healthcare gamification is generating a lot of hype, but little adoption. Why? It turns out most of today’s healthcare gamification apps aren’t games at all. This article provides some tips for improving gamification in healthcare.

  • Top 10 Health IT Trends 2015

    Our annual reader survey may have identified the top 10 health IT trends for the coming year, but three initiatives clearly rank above the rest when it comes to provider mindshare.

  • Bedside Bar Coding Puts Patient Safety First

    Patient safety is one of the main pillars of care at Memorial Hermann. Bedside patient ID, medication administration, and specimen collection are central to this initiative.

  • Imaging, EHR Integration Improves Clinical Workflow

    By implementing an enterprise-wide medical imaging platform that integrates with its EHR, Georgia Regents Medical Center now has a more holistic view of patient health across the care continuum.

  • Is MU Really Doomed?

    According to our annual health IT trends survey, the predicted shift away from MU won’t be occurring in 2015.

  • Medical Practices Strive To Regain Patient Focus With IT

    This year’s MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) conference featured a ton of great technology solutions, but the medical practices in attendance only seemed interested in those that would allow them to return their focus back to patient care.