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John Oncea


John Oncea is Digital Editorial Director for VertMarkets.


Healthcare Tornado Healthcare IT Tested By Oklahoma Tornadoes

Following the Boston Marathon bombing much was written about the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare IT as it is currently structured, including a feature by Health IT Outcomes. While some victims are still struggling, the consensus was the industry responded well to the unwanted challenge. But how will it fare in the wake of the tornadoes that struck Moore, OK? Follow John on Twitter: @buck25

Nurses Week Celebrated In Many Ways
Nurses Week – which starts every year on May 6th – runs until May 12, which is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Nightingale, a celebrated English social reformer and statistician, is considered the founder of modern nursing. According to the Florence Nightingale Museum, “She led the nurses caring for thousands of soldiers during the Crimean War and helped save the British army from medical disaster.” By John...  Continue Reading..
Big Data Words
Big Data – Love It Or Leave It
A LinkedIn discussion started by Michael Gaspar (@MichaelGaspar), Associate Manager, Social Media at HIMSS asks, “As models for the use of big data begin to mature, how do you envision data playing a role in driving more quality outcomes in healthcare?”  By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes (@buck25)  Continue Reading..
  • Healthcare IT Evaluated After Boston Marathon Tragedy

    The recent Boston Marathon bombing not only provided us with examples, albeit unwelcome ones, of heroic acts in the face of adversity, but it also provided the healthcare industry an opportunity to gauge and assess its effectiveness. By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes

  • Physicians Play Key Role In PHR Acceptance

    Health IT Outcomes’s Ken Congdon recently wrote, “Revolution Health and Google Health are two high-profile examples of the literally dozens of consumer-based electronic PHR (personal health record) providers to close their doors over the past few years. Many chalked these failures up to a patient community that just wasn’t ready to take responsibility for their own health information.” Congdon notes that a lot has changed in the healthcare industry since then but the question still remains if patients are ready to embrace PHRs. By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes

  • How Are Those 2013 Healthcare IT Predictions Working Out?

    CDW Healthcare released its Health Tech Report along with an accompanying infographic that predicted, “It doesn’t seem that health I.T. will be slowing down anytime soon. From the growth of wearable technology devices and mobile networking to the increasing use of tablets by physicians to the interest in implementing data analytics tools — healthcare organizations are tasked to keep up.” By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes

  • HIMSS Survey And Institute Of Medicine Report Spark Debate As To Effectiveness Of Health IT Communication

    HIMSS recently posted a discussion on Linkedin focusing on the results of a series of Institute of Medicine reports that “propose inadequate communication and lack of continuity of care are primary contributors to medical errors.” HIMSS conducted its own survey of clinicians to explore health IT’s role in inter-professional communications and the results of 2013 iHIT Study suggest use of health IT and related tools will lead to improved communication and enhanced quality care. By John Oncea, editor, Health IT Outcomes