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  • The Quest For Evidence At HIMSS14
    The Quest For Evidence At HIMSS14

    A clear sense of urgency to gather actionable health data that improves care and cuts costs was on display at this year’s HIMSS conference. Here are a few of my key observations and takeaways from the event.

What Really Happened At HIMSS14
What Really Happened At HIMSS14

A look back at the sights and sounds of HIMSS14, from Keynote Speeches to the (really big) show floor By John Oncea, editor

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  • Is Android Enterprise-Ready?

    The ability to remotely manage an install base of devices running the Android™ OS is the foundation of Honeywell’s approach to solving the associated business concerns. Currently, there are multiple third party companies that focus on building remote management and security solutions for Android™.

  • GE Healthcare Offers Integrated Care

    GE Healthcare’s director of marketing, integrated care, Tim Caver, was at HIMSS discussing the transition in healthcare from volume based to value based. Caver explains how GE Healthcare has reorganized its portfolio to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Digital Signage Keeps Doctors Within Close Reach

    Digital signage was hard to find at the HIMSS14 conference and exhibition. Though “digital” was the talk of the town, mobile (or mHealth) took center stage, leaving digital signage neglected even in presentations about personalized and participatory health experiences across digital channels. When asked about the medium, several HIT veterans would nod slowly and confirm it is a great solution for wayfinding, relieved they could understand the term and its uses. Stephanie Gutnik, BroadSign International, LLC

  • Sandlot Helps Organizations Share Risk

    Joseph Casper, CEO, Sandlot Solutions, discussed the software solutions Sandlot is offering to help providers solve the tricky problem of population health management.  Casper notes the role big data is playing and how Sandlot is using that to provide patients with better care.

  • Kodak Alaris Fills Gaps In Transitional Care

    Jody Miller, director, healthcare solutions, Kodak Alaris was at HIMSS to discuss its relationship with Inofile, and how this relationship is benefitting healthcare by presenting a solution that captures inbound content, structure it in the right format, and send it out through secure, direct messaging.

  • Amcom Provides Mobility For Providers

    Amcom Software's VP, product strategy, Brian Edds spoke about what Amcom - a provide of healthcare communication solutions - is hoping to achieve by attending HIMSS. Edds also highlights Amcom's line of solutions and how they can help providers same time and money.

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