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  • The Quest For Evidence At HIMSS14
    The Quest For Evidence At HIMSS14

    A clear sense of urgency to gather actionable health data that improves care and cuts costs was on display at this year’s HIMSS conference. Here are a few of my key observations and takeaways from the event.

What Really Happened At HIMSS14
What Really Happened At HIMSS14

A look back at the sights and sounds of HIMSS14, from Keynote Speeches to the (really big) show floor By John Oncea, editor

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  • Augusta Health Sees Results With Imprivata

    Imprivata invited Bruce Hall, CIO of Augusta Health Care, to speak about desktop virtualization and the importance it plays in running an efficient practice. Hall explains the problem Augusta was facing, how Imprivata helped provide a solution, and the results the collaboration yielded.

  • To Cart, Or Not To Cart?

    For more than a decade, hospitals have used mobile computer carts or wall-mounts as "the access point" to the EMR. As technology and the products that support technology in the EMR movement continue to evolve at a rapid pace, the challenge continues to grow for selecting solutions that not only work for today's use, but will make a seamless transition into your organization's future plans.

  • 7signal Discusses Reliable Wi-Fi

    Jeff Reedy, CEO, uses this opportunity to explain how 7signal is making Wi-Fi reliable in enterprises such as hospitals. Specifically, Reedy touches on 7signal's solution, a system that looks at the network from an application and user perspective using a system of strategically-placed sensors.

  • Zebra® Printers And Wristbands Help Improve Patient Safety And Automate The Identification Process

    As science and technology progresses, one of the biggest challenges is to reduce hospital errors as much as possible. 

  • HIE Simplified By HEALTHEC

    HEALTHEC senior VP and COO Tom Gregorio and Anthony Akosa, VP, medical affairs spoke about the rise of HEALTHEC from a claims clearing house to a multi-faceted company able to assist with the integration of clinical data and help engage patients effectively.

  • Anton/Bauer Releases New Battery System

    Anton/Bauer VP of sales Patrick Ney used HIMSS to discuss its new battery system. Anton/Bauer’s solution is set apart due to its innovative shape and ability to be hot swapped and disinfected simply and efficiently.

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