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  • The Quest For Evidence At HIMSS14
    The Quest For Evidence At HIMSS14

    A clear sense of urgency to gather actionable health data that improves care and cuts costs was on display at this year’s HIMSS conference. Here are a few of my key observations and takeaways from the event.

What Really Happened At HIMSS14

A look back at the sights and sounds of HIMSS14, from Keynote Speeches to the (really big) show floor By John Oncea, editor

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Quest Diagnostics

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Care360® solutions from Quest Diagnostics empower healthcare organizations and associations with easier patient management, improved care coordination and cost-efficient connectivity with other physician offices and hospital networks.



ChartMaxx® is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that provides you with 24/7 concurrent access to the complete medical record including structured and unstructured data across your enterprise, organized to reflect targeted and proactive data. Physicians and staff get online, intuitive access to the complete, longitudinal patient record and critical information, with no need to wait for data.

MaaS360 Mobile Device Management

MaaS360 Mobile Device Management

MaaS360 helps IT administrators streamline the process to provision, manage, and secure today’s expanding suite of smartphones and tablets, all from a single portal.

As a fully integrated cloud platform, MaaS360 simplifies MDM with rapid deployment, and comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications, and documents. MaaS360 supports all devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire.

MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite™

MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite™

MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite allows companies to tap into the transformative business value of mobile apps by allowing employees to securely access a rich set of corporate data while preserving the user experience on their personal devices.

ShoreTel Unified Communications System

ShoreTel Unified Communications System

In the healthcare industry, communication is vital—and, at times, a matter of life and death. That’s why a reliable telephone system is a basic imperative for any healthcare organization. But is it enough?

MaaS360 Secure Document Sharing

MaaS360 Secure Document Sharing

MaaS360 makes document delivery to mobile devices secure and simple with an easy-to-use enterprise document catalog providing control, security, and access.

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  • Kodak Alaris Rebrands

    Tim Palmer, CMO, document imaging for Kodak Alaris, explains the re-launching of Kodak Alaris and several of the products it is bringing to healthcare, as well at their applications in the industry.

  • Quest Provides Data, Connectivity

    Quest Diagnostics’ Thomas Wagner, VP, healthcare technology solutions, explained the role Quest plays in healthcare as the industry leader in laboratory diagnostic information. Wagner further details how Quest provides connectivity to patients, physicians, and hospital systems.

  • Comcast Advances Telemedicine

    Alex Sewell, executive director, emerging market for Comcast, was at HIMSS to discuss the role Comcast is playing in healthcare, from digitization of records to telehealth. Sewell also speaks to how Comcast can help build an IT infrastructure and the support it can offer healthcare organizations.

  • 7signal And Its Wireless Quality Of Service Solution - 7signal Sapphire

    7signal Sapphire is the only WLAN performance assurance and optimization solution that allows network managers to optimize Wi-FI networks using meaningful metrics with quality of service from the end-user point of view. This "horizontal" approach differs essentially from traditional "vertical" network management approaches that combine data from network elements.

  • Lumeris Enables PHM, Simplifies Data

    Deborah Robin, MD, MHCM, medical director at Lumeris, spoke about the role Lumeris is playing to help enable PHM while simplifying data. Robin also discusses the “journey” to value-based care and how Lumeris is helping providers better manage it.

  • Greenway Helps Improve Outcomes

    Greenway brought Brock Morris, CIO and Josephine Young, COO, of Pediatric Associates to HIMSS to speak to the solutions Greenway offered their practice. Morris and Young note that Greenway’s solutions have helped Pediatric Associates meet their goal of improved patient outcomes.

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