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  • The Quest For Evidence At HIMSS14
    The Quest For Evidence At HIMSS14

    A clear sense of urgency to gather actionable health data that improves care and cuts costs was on display at this year’s HIMSS conference. Here are a few of my key observations and takeaways from the event.

What Really Happened At HIMSS14

A look back at the sights and sounds of HIMSS14, from Keynote Speeches to the (really big) show floor By John Oncea, editor

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Brother Mobile Solutions


PC Connection

Quest Diagnostics

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Clinical Device Assessment Service

Clinical Device Assessment Service

Our Clinical Device assessment service is an ideal way to refresh and deploy the technology devices required—including tablets, carts, handhelds, and barcode readers—to move your organization to the next stage of eHr meaningful use.

TrustSense Patient ID Printing Solution

TrustSense Patient ID Printing Solution

Improve patient safety by printing wristbands and labels at the point of care.

Enovate Mobile & Wall Emagination Stations

Enovate Mobile & Wall Emagination Stations

Staying in an unknown environment with big medical equipment can be scary for little ones. That’s why Enovate created the Emagination Stations product line – products designed to give children a friendly face during recovery.

MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management

MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management

MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management is designed to help companies gain the visibility needs to keep mobile data costs down and prevent unnecessary expenses through proactive monitoring and notifications.

Enovate Wall Stations

Enovate Wall Stations

The e750 wall station offers a variety of user-friendly features that allow for seamless integration and effortless functionality in busy hospitals and healthcare centers. The e850 wall station offers a variety of user-friendly features that allow for seamless integration and effortless functionality in busy hospitals and healthcare centers.



ChartMaxx® is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that provides you with 24/7 concurrent access to the complete medical record including structured and unstructured data across your enterprise, organized to reflect targeted and proactive data. Physicians and staff get online, intuitive access to the complete, longitudinal patient record and critical information, with no need to wait for data.

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  • Kodak Alaris Fills Gaps In Transitional Care

    Jody Miller, director, healthcare solutions, Kodak Alaris was at HIMSS to discuss its relationship with Inofile, and how this relationship is benefitting healthcare by presenting a solution that captures inbound content, structure it in the right format, and send it out through secure, direct messaging.

  • Voalte Helps Providers Leverage Smart Phones

    Kenda West, Voalte COO, used HIMSS as an opportunity to explain Voalte’s role as a healthcare communications company that leverages smart phones to advance communication for care givers though voice, alarm, and text calls both inside and outside the hospital. West passes along lessons learned, including the impact of text in a hospital and how to better manage it, as well as the benefits of replacing the “tool belt of devices” with one simple solution.

  • Secure Business Communications: Protecting Sensitive Data

    Information privacy is a constant challenge for organisations. Do you consider your electronic communications to be secure?

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Simplified By Alere

    Alere Connect president/CEO Kent Dicks was at HIMSS discussing how Alere’s focus on remote patient diagnostics, wellness, health analytics, HIE, and remote patient monitoring are impacting healthcare. Dicks also demonstrated Alere HomeLink solution.

  • Motorola Improves Patient Experience

    Motorola senior account manager, healthcare Paul Czerwinski spoke at HIMSS about how Motorola is focusing on improving patient outcomes, patient experiences, and increasing operational efficiency within hospital systems. Czerwinski also demonstrates two of Motorola’s newest solutions.

  • Comcast Advances Telemedicine

    Alex Sewell, executive director, emerging market for Comcast, was at HIMSS to discuss the role Comcast is playing in healthcare, from digitization of records to telehealth. Sewell also speaks to how Comcast can help build an IT infrastructure and the support it can offer healthcare organizations.

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