News | June 25, 2024

Wellsheet AI-Powered Smart EHR UI Delivers Usability And ROI

Newark, NJ (BUSINESS WIRE) - Wellsheet Inc., the leading Smart EHR UI provider, has delivered the first tangible ROI from predictive clinical workflows that reduce health care worker burnout, increase usability and patient throughput, and allow clinicians to redirect their time from Electronic Health Record (EHR) interactions to improve the quality of patient care. Wellsheet also announced the availability of new Large Language Model (LLM)-driven features to supercharge clinical workflows and increase care team productivity.

~$8M per Year ROI per Hospital and a 8X+ ROI
"Wellsheet vastly improves the clinician experience with the EHR and helps improve operational efficiency for hospitals. Wellsheet achieved a client-reported 16.3% reduction in average length of stay, coupled with improved quality metrics and increased access to high quality care for patients. Altogether, this amounts to an ~$8M per year ROI per hospital and at least an 8X ROI," said Craig Limoli, Wellsheet CEO and Founder. "No other AI-powered clinical productivity offering enables the whole care team to do full chart review and deliver a strong ROI while successfully addressing clinician burden. Generative AI is rapidly improving the way physicians practice medicine, and access to the full patient chart via standard APIs enables Wellsheet to provide a safe, secure, and trustworthy artificial intelligence solution with the full referenceability clinicians need to build trust in AI."

16.3% Decrease in Length of Stay from 5.66 days to 4.74 days
"Concord Hospital has been engaged in a strategic campaign to reduce our average length of stay with Wellsheet as our partner. We have achieved a 16.3% decrease in length of stay from about 5.66 days to about 4.74 days, and delivered an impressive ROI, resulting from a decrease in costs associated with extended stays and an increase in revenue associated with additional admissions," said Dr. Christopher Fore, Chief Quality Officer, Concord Hospital. "Wellsheet is used by our clinicians for mobile chart review, real-time notifications, care team collaboration, handoff, and discharge planning. The data visualizations Wellsheet creates are incredible and the increase in our patient throughput has improved access and decreased wait times. We are very pleased with the efficiency, satisfaction and financial results we've achieved with Wellsheet."

Wellsheet's highly scalable, predictive and customizable AI-powered Smart EHR UI assembles the most important clinical content from an EHR and other sources into a single view needed to quickly make the right treatment decision. Health systems are deploying Wellsheet at enterprise scale and experiencing rapid ROI realization and substantial improvements in clinical workflows, patient care and throughput when deployed as part of a comprehensive clinical productivity and experience optimization program.

Faster Deployment, Diagnosis and Discharge
Wellsheet clients now have access to LLM-generated handoff summaries, eliminating manual and redundant documentation typically required of doctors and nurses. The company's Smart EHR UI uses LLMs to summarize data enabling clinicians to interact directly within Wellsheet's Clinical Views, juxtaposing patient data with the most relevant Clinical Calculators and treatment guidelines. Its AI-powered discharge planning workflows automate processes across multidisciplinary care teams reducing length of stay. By applying AI at each point of inpatient workflow bottlenecks, Wellsheet has had a dramatic impact on patient throughput and ROI.

Wellsheet is EHR-agnostic so clinicians can have a consistent user experience across multiple EHRs or when transitioning from one EHR to another, substantially reducing productivity losses associated with migration. And Wellsheet can surface critical healthcare data in real time from sources other than EHRs, including Clinical Decision Support content and Patient Data Exchanges.

Availability and Pricing
Wellsheet's Smart EHR UI is generally available, can be deployed in weeks, and clinician training takes only minutes. Health systems receive, at no charge, frequent, ongoing seamless product upgrades requiring minimal IT support. Pricing is based on a per-site annual fee that is a small fraction of the ROI generated by the technology.

About Wellsheet
Wellsheet's Smart EHR UI is an AI-powered predictive clinical workflow platform that simplifies the clinician experience accessing EHRs and other data sources to present a single view of the clinical data needed for treatment decisions. It is integrated with Oracle Cerner, Epic, and athenahealth to reduce a clinician's time in the EHR, and improve the quality of patient care. Wellsheet has over 30,000 clinician users across hundreds of care settings including hospitals and ambulatory clinics. Learn more at

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