White Paper

Using IWR To Cut Labor Costs Without Outsourcing

Source: A2iA Corporation

Intelligent word recognition (IWR) technology lies at the heart of A2iA FieldReader software. This report explains intelligent word recognition (IWR) technology and how it differs from ICR, enumerates the data entry applications best-suited for IWR, and describes the technology's major benefits.

How IWR Technology Works

IWR technology lies at the heart of all A2iA's recognition software products. It is best explained by differentiating it from its forerunner, ICR. IWR differs from ICR primarily in that conventional ICR technology recognizes data fundamentally at the character level, while IWR recognizes data at the word or "field" level. A2iA's IWR engine is capable, in fact, of extracting all types of field-based information from a form - either constrained (machine print, hand-printed capitals) or unconstrained (freeform hand print, cursive) from virtually any type of document. So, in many respects, IWR technology is more evolved than hand print ICR.

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