Newsletter | April 4, 2019

04.04.19 -- Unlocking Data For Successful Outcomes

  WEDI 2019 Spring Conference — May 20 To 22 In San Diego, California

Focusing on “Policy, Progress, Impact!” #WEDISpring will bring together the brightest health IT minds for high-level discussions around best practices, emerging trends, and case studies of timely topics impacting healthcare including FHIR, interoperability, prior authorization, regulatory initiatives, and more. Register today!

Featured Articles
How Hardin Memorial Health Improved HCAHPS Scores 44.7%
Case Study | Vocera Communications

A hands-free communication solution helped Hardin memorial health accelerate care, improve critical workflows, and boost patient satisfaction, as well as decrease 'left without being seen' rate by 69.5 percent.

Improving Patient Care Through Streamlined, Digital Collaboration
Guest Column | By Amit Malhotra, Jive Software

In the healthcare industry, it often feels as if the sand is shifting under your feet. Economic, political, market, and social forces fluctuate constantly, creating deep uncertainty, while the rapid pace of technological change leaves organizations struggling to catch up. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are common and complicated. The system’s structure (or lack thereof) contributes as well. The sheer complexity of the landscape and the number of entities involved – patients, providers, insurers, regulatory bodies, governmental layers, political factions, and more – make objectives like continuity of care particularly challenging.

Unlocking Data For Successful Outcomes
Guest Column | By Matt Blosl, DocuTAP

The most valuable commodity in healthcare is right under every single provider’s nose, but what’s interesting is that most may not have access or even know how to properly leverage it. This commodity is patient data, and the good news is, 2019 will be a pivotal year to unlocking more of its potential to optimize healthcare and drive revenue.

In Case You Missed It
The Next Step To Value-Based Care: Activating Healthcare Data For Physicians
Guest Column | By Abhinav Shashank, Innovaccer

Healthcare has seen a number of life-saving breakthroughs: vaccines, anesthesia, bypass surgery, the balloon catheter, and even decoding the human genome sequence. These have all changed the face of healthcare, transforming how we do things around here. But there’s one breakthrough which we have known is coming for a long time now.

  National Healthcare CFO

The 29th National Healthcare CFO Summit by marcus evans is the premium forum bringing senior-level healthcare finance executives and solutions providers together. The one-on-one business meetings provide access to senior medical executives within the largest healthcare organizations across the United States. Find out more here.

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