Webinar | July 31, 2013

Transforming Care Transition To Improve Outcomes & Reduce Costs

Source: Pitney Bowes Software

As the care continuum increasingly expands to settings outside hospital walls, providers and payers alike are seeking better ways to coordinate patient care transitions to drive improved outcomes and satisfaction, while eliminating wasted time and unnecessary services.

Join us this one-hour webcast as Margot Walthall, Vice President, Healthcare Solutions and Deb Purcell, Business Solution Architect for Pitney Bowes Software discuss how data management and integrated communications and analytics are improving the care transition process. During this session, we’ll discuss how providers and payers are changing their processes to:

  • CONNECT: Aggregating and integrating and cleansing data across different EHR, medical and claims platforms, giving caregivers a holistic view of interactions with each patient.
  • ORCHESTRATE: Streamlining workflow through automated communication escalation and trigger capabilities, supporting more coordination and effective care management among hospitals, primary care physicians, pharmacists, home health workers, and payers.
  • COMMUNICATE: Creating and supporting bi-directional dialogues across all channels- electronic and physical mail; interactive voice response (IVR) and contact centers; web portals, social media and mobile devices-among stakeholders and with patients.
  • ANALYZE: Visualizing and analyzing interaction data leading to earlier detection and better care-related communication, including “next best action.”

Join us and find out how new communication tools support workflows and help healthcare organizations streamline processes to achieve cost savings. If you are actively pursuing or considering how to embrace new practices to improve patient health and financial outcomes, you can’t afford to miss this informative discussion.

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