Article | September 9, 2015

Top Five Zaniest ICD-10 Codes, Cartoon Style

Source: athenahealth, Inc
Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager, athenahealth

By Michelle Mangino, Social Media Manager, athenahealth

We’re really getting down to the wire, folks. The ICD-10 transition is just over a month away(!). In fact, we have a blog post lined up for you next week that will share some last minute preparation tips. But in the meantime, we wanted to squeeze in one last zany ICD-10 code post.

If this is your first time reading our zany codes series, then you’ve missed our Halloween, Thanksgiving, winter, more winter, St. Patrick’s Day and Fourth of July posts, to name a few. Our purpose with these fun posts is to help you gradually become familiar with the new, hyper-specific code set that is ICD-10 – and find a comical way to do so, of course.

For our last post of the series, we took a different approach – no holiday or seasonal theme. Instead, we bring you ICD-10 cartoons! That’s right. We took some of the zaniest ICD-10 codes and worked with our amazing video team to create animated video shorts. Check them out! 

X52 – Prolonged Stay in Weightless Environment

W59.22xS – Struck By Turtle

W22.02xD – Walked Into Lamppost Subsequent Encounter

Y93.D1 – Activity, Knitting and Crocheting

V96.03XA – Balloon Collision Injuring Occupant