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10.24.19 -- The Strategic Value Of AI In Healthcare

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How To Strengthen Patient Safety And Engagement Through System Standards
Article | By Kathy English, Vocera Communications

System standards for optimal communication in healthcare are essential to allowing human connection to flourish. And just what are they? They are policies, processes, guidelines, and even unwritten norms that govern how communication should take place in various situations.

The True Potential Of Patient-Generated Health Data
Guest Column | By Chrissa McFarlane, Patientory

There is no doubt that aggregated health data will continue to shape the future of healthcare. There are vast amounts of data available in today’s society, and health researchers are tapping into it to advance medical science.

The Strategic Value Of AI In Healthcare
  Guest Column | By Chuck Whinney, Infor

Artificial intelligence is a seemingly limitless force; however, it requires that your organization is nimble and ready to advance day-to-day. Is your health system positioned to take strategic advantage of this dynamic technology, or will your patients’ expectations pass you by?

In Case You Missed It
Measurable Improvement To Hospital Communications – Pediatric Quality & Safety
Article/Paper | By Kathy English, Vocera Communications

A recently released article in the Journal of Pediatric Quality and Safety shows the independent research results of an observational study on how to reduce the time nurses and physicians spend on communication tasks that take them away from patient care in a critical care environment.

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